episode 15

Owning YOUR Space = Confidence

Today Sam & Karyn discuss gaining confidence as a web designer by “owning your space” and declaring what you do and who you serve, as well as how this mindset shift can positively impact your business.

Owning your space allows you to attract the clients you’re aligned with and brings abundance into your business and life.

Show Notes:

What it means to own the space and how you can bring yourself into the deeper mindset perspective that allows you to do so.
Why we hesitate when it comes to owning the space and where that underlying fear of success comes from within us.
The safety and abundance that comes from taking ownership, and the clear path it can open up in your business.
What to do if you’re worried that you might be “wrong” about the declarative statement you make about yourself.

Episode Transcript:

Karyn Paige, Sam Munoz

Karyn Paige 00:00
I’d like to think of it as like a trend alert, like you might be one of these women that we’re talking about. If so, raise your hand. I know I’ve been there. But like, this is a thing that we’re noticing a lot women who are super talented, they’ve got the skills, their work is amazing. But there’s this like disconnect of this. Like, I don’t know what’s not working. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t know what to offer. I don’t know who I want to work with. Like all of these, I don’t know statements are coming up. And so when you start to own the space, there is a lot of clarity that can come up and a lot of those I don’t know statements all of a sudden become I do know statements.

Sam Munoz 00:44
Welcome to making website magic where we empower women to step boldly into their web design businesses follow their intuition and claim the success they’re worthy of. I’m Sam Munoz.

Karyn Paige 00:54
And I’m Karyn page, where the tech wizards behind Sam Daniels consulting on the making website Magic School of Business. We’re two women here to talk about what it actually takes to run a web design business that’s aligned with your vision.

Sam Munoz 01:07
Spoiler alert, it probably isn’t what you think it is ready to hear about everything from refining your business vision, networking with intention and creating a magical client experience. Let’s do it. Hello, hello, Karyn. Hey, Sam. How’s it gone? It is going super well. I’m sitting in the darkness of the evening. Our summer recording schedule is at night. I think we alluded to that on another podcast episode. I’m getting really good vibes. And this is perfect for this episode, I think what do you think about that? Yeah,

Karyn Paige 01:42
I love him getting like nighttime talk radio vibes, like driving in your car at night listening to somebody give advice on the radio. That’s the vibe that I’m getting right now.

Sam Munoz 01:53
Yes. Okay, I have to take a quick tangent and say that I used to drive cross country with my dad a bunch. And he would always want to listen to this alien show about like, UFOs and whatnot. Have you listened to this?

Karyn Paige 02:05
I may have listened to it because I think my husband likes to listen to it is it called coast to coast.

dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, that, Sam, so many connections,

Sam Munoz 02:16
those are our voices today. That’s where we are. That is the energy where you’re coming in with this. And we’re talking today about owning your space. And I actually kind of liked that we brought that up, because that’s something that makes us really unique, right? Are these little moments about who we are? And we’re talking about declaring that you do what you do, and how that brings about confidence. But before we get into the episode, and all that goodness, we definitely wanted to read a review. Does that sound good to you? Karyn? It sure does. Yeah. Okay. So the review, we wanted to read says I’m always on the lookout for content that uplifts and empowers women. And it appears that this podcast is a perfect match. The hosts are clearly passionate and knowledgeable and upbeat about what they’re talking about. And it’s obvious that they love what they do. Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you so much for that review. We are passionate. I mean, we are knowledgeable to hair flip. Definitely passionate. So I’m glad that comes through on the podcast.

Karyn Paige 03:13
Yeah, I know. Right? It’s like even when we’re preparing for for every episode, we’re like, Okay, let’s go. Right now we’re having so much fun talking about this, we need to hit record. So this is another episode where I’m like, let’s let’s just dive in. So this episode is about owning the space, which may or may not make you think of that classic, like Saturday Night Live episode with Christopher Walken, and the cowbell. That’s what comes up for me, but within the context of like web design, and like being a woman who owns a business, what does it mean to own the space.

Sam Munoz 03:47
As always, we love to cut the jargon. And I think that this is kind of a phrase that we use a lot. And I don’t know if other people are really saying this a ton, but what we’re talking about is declaring that you are a web developer, that you work with maybe a particular type of client that you do particular types of projects that you have a certain type of vibe or personality or brand identity or point of view in your work. So you know, you’re a minimalist web designer, or you’re a web designer for coffee shop owners, or you are a web designer that specializes in e commerce, things like that might be a way to actualize the owning of the space in implementation. But what we’re talking about On today’s episode is actually deeper. And it is how can you get to the place from a mindset perspective to allow yourself to step into owning a space? Was that really convoluted? A really convoluted way to say that or what do you think Karyn does that feel like what we’re talking about?

Karyn Paige 04:44
It does feel like what we’re talking about, it kind of feels like a two part or a three part thing like first it’s the declaration right for for yourself, like internally are declaring it and then it’s creating possibly a statement like off In times, we refer to it as like an identity statement, right? That within the mentorship, and then the next step is like embodying it, like really being it standing in it. And then literally when you’re out in whatever spaces you’re in, you are owning that declaration and embodying it.

Sam Munoz 05:19
Right. And in the spirit of Episode 14, where we were talking about not offering all the things, knowing what your space is carving that space out for yourself, and then standing in it will help you not feel the need to offer things that you don’t even want to be doing in your business. And honestly, all of these conversations that we are having on this podcast, at the end of the day, they are all rooted in what you want for your business, what you want for yourself and in your personal life and your life goals. And so understanding those things, your why your purpose, your mission statement, your intentions, that’s where it’s all going to be rooted in, and even this conversation of owning the space starts with you. And what we’re seeing. And the reason we’re talking about this is that we’re noticing that there are talented women, web designers and developers out there wondering why their businesses aren’t working, they’re wanting to quit, and they are struggling not only from like a maybe financial or like, Where are my clients and things like that. But rooted in that is the mindset stuff, right? There’s a mindset struggle happening.

Karyn Paige 06:24
Yes, yes, yes. Yes. I’d like to think of it as like a trend alert, like listener, listeners, you might be one of these women that we’re talking about. If If so, like, raise your hand, I know I’ve been there. But like, this is a thing that we’re noticing a lot women who are super talented, they’ve got the skills, their work is amazing. But there’s this like, disconnect of this, like I don’t know what’s not working, I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t know what to offer. I don’t know who I want to work with, like all of these, I don’t know statements are coming up. And so when you start to own the space, there is a lot of clarity that can come up. And a lot of those I don’t know statements all of a sudden become I do no statements.

Sam Munoz 07:08
Yeah, this honestly makes me think of what is Episode Episode Three, where we’re talking about what is your dream, and thinking about what you want first, because you can’t really get to the place where you’re owning the space, if you don’t know what you want. I think that’s what I was trying to say earlier, like, you can’t decide that you want to build websites for coffee shops if you haven’t thought about what you actually want. And so what ends up happening is that we’re using again, thinking about Episode Three, we’re using all these external things to tell us what we should be doing in our business. And what happens. And this is why we titled this episode, owning your space equals confidence, because what happens is when you truly decide I’m going to do this thing, and I’m going to commit to that I’m going to commit to myself in doing that learning whatever skills are required to fully embody that identity statement. And I’m going to stand in that I’m going to tell people what I’m doing that will elicit more confidence in your business and how you show up versus assuming the personas and the tactics of other people that does not give like deep rooted confidence.

Karyn Paige 08:15
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And confidence, really, I think is like, I don’t want to say the magic word. But if feels like it’s the magic word, right. And so that comes in owning the space like you confidently, confidently, confidently, confidently are aware about what you do, who you are, who you serve, you’re talking about it with confidence, there’s less hesitation in response or decision making, because it’s like, oh, I’m owning the space. I’m a web designer for coffee shops.

Sam Munoz 08:45
And you know, what’s interesting is confidence really cannot be given to someone, right? It does have to be something that you find from within yourself, just like empowerment comes from within as well. Like, we all have these things inside of us. And it’s just kind of uncovering it. And obviously, like neither Karyn and I are therapists or life coaches, this is all just from experience and observations. And that’s something that I definitely have struggled with in the past is like having that confidence. And we talked about this on the vulnerabilities episode of the podcast, but like even just saying to a stranger. Oh, you know, hi, what do you do? Because we’re in America. And everybody asks that as the first question, you know, how are you? What do you do?

Karyn Paige 09:27
Yeah, sorry. Pause there, because that is so real. I’ve done that myself. I’m actively trying to figure out a new question to ask when I meet people. That is it. What do you do?

Sam Munoz 09:36
Right? Heck, yeah. And the thing is, though, it’s like I am a web developer, and I go hide in my little shell, but like, excuse me, I’ve studied all these things in college, right have been building websites since I was a child. I’ve owned this business for you know, we’re about to start our fifth year next year. So yeah, I own a web development company. And we build awesome websites for our clients and we mentor people like Saying that is sometimes hard, but it does come from that inner confidence, right. And so that’s really like that is the conversation that we’re having. And that’s like, I think some of these topics that we get into can be kind of, I can’t think of the word but like, I want to say wiggly for some reason, but they’re just like, flowy. Right? Like, they’re not very tangible. But this is a really, really important conversation, tangible or not.

Karyn Paige 10:21
Okay, so why do we hesitate, though, when it comes to owning the space? Why do we feel wiggly about that? Why do we feel not confident?

Sam Munoz 10:30
That’s a good question. I think it’s a it’s a safety thing. It’s a fear thing, right? Like we’re safe and comfortable when we’re not exposing ourselves. And when you decide that you’re doing something, the other side of that could be success, right? But another potential outcome could be failure. And sometimes it’s safer to stay in a place that doesn’t push you to fall on, you know, one direction or the other. It’s like safer to be able to just make an excuse and say, No, it’s just not working. But like, if you don’t stand in it, of course, it’s not going to work.

Karyn Paige 11:03
It makes me think of most recently listening to unlimited with Valerie Freelander, the coach, she has a great podcast and there was an episode where she was coaching somebody and brought up the the topic of like having a fear of success, which was really a lightbulb for me, because that’s not something that I think is as much of a trending concept as like a fear of failure, right? Like that feels a lot more familiar, like, Oh, yeah, people are afraid to fail. Yes, people are also afraid of success. And then that’s worth pointing out because the fear is, I might mess up or the fear is I might do so well, that I’m not able to handle all of it. Or there are all kinds of stories that come up. Like I remember reading the book shoprunner by Denise Duffield Thomas. And a lot of what I took from that was like, sometimes people are afraid of success, because we make associations with what successful people look like, or how they behave, or the actions and choices that they might make. And if we don’t identify with those, or we think that those are, you know, wrong or corrupt, or you know, wasteful, whatever, like we don’t want to associate with that. So even sometimes, it’s subconscious or not like there’s this fear of having a success in your business, because of all of the things that might come along with it. And so that’s when you like really get into like some deep like mindset stuff that you may not even be aware is really there underneath the surface. But it feels more comfortable to just be like, I don’t know who I serve, I don’t know what I offer like that, you can see that you know what I mean? Like you can reach for something like that. And that, again, feels like really safe and really comfortable.

Sam Munoz 12:42
It’s also you know, what’s gonna happen, the outcome is predictable when you say, I don’t know who I serve, so I’m just going to accept anybody. Again, this isn’t necessarily about like, who your ideal client is. This is literally sometimes just saying, I’m a freakin web developer, right? Like this is just coming out and saying, like, I build websites for a living, that’s what I do. I design websites, but sometimes it can feel safer to like you said day and that stuck place because we know, we know what to expect day to day. And whether it be a fear of success or a fear of failure. At the end of the day, there’s like an a fear of something that is unknown. And that’s what gets really scary.

Karyn Paige 13:19
Well, but then it makes me think, again, like we’ve asked this question before in the podcast, but what why did you start the business then, because businesses are inherently like not, I don’t want to say not supposed to fail, but like, no one starts a business because they’re like, Oh, I’m just gonna, like play around with this. And I don’t think it’s gonna work. Like I don’t trust. I don’t. Like

Sam Munoz 13:41
we don’t start these businesses also, because we know for a fact that we’re getting like a paycheck every week, like there’s there is a level of uncertainty that has to be accepted when you become an entrepreneur. And that doesn’t mean that you have to accept that you know that forever, it’s gonna be like that. But there, it’s not as consistent, let’s say I do think that there is a facade of safety, and like the nine to five world, but in entrepreneurship, for sure, we are in a space where we it’s already unknown. And so if we stay in this place of not deciding what we’re doing and not standing and owning that, then we don’t even have to push that even further. Right? We don’t have to make it any more uncomfortable than it already is, which is not helpful for forward movements, not helpful for growth, and it does leave us kind of stuck. That’s what ends up happening is like, we’re just stuck in this space of perpetual complaining or perpetual, like, Why can I find clients? And again, it’s like, if we just keep trying, it’s that what is that Albert Einstein quote, right? If you like, do the same thing over and over again. It’s just insanity. That was like, I totally butchered that. But we all know,

Karyn Paige 14:42
the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Again, it’s like, sometimes it feels like it’s it’s actually simpler and more easeful and clearer and therefore safer to Own the space. And let’s get let’s let’s even like distill it down even smaller, smaller, smaller, right? Like the first step is saying I am a web designer or I am a web developer, let’s a declarative statement, the other pieces can come along. Yep. And then you can go one step further. Like, for me, it was like, I am a WordPress, web developer. That’s literally the platform I use. It’s the only one I’m interested in using. So that I’m owning that, like, I’m very confident, right? And so again, like going back to the confidence, the confidence, confidence, like, let’s get started in like a little piece of like, well, what is some what is something where you do feel confident, and let’s just start there, and the world trust that the other pieces can come in? Because I’m worried like, if I can be confident and trust in the WordPress development, then I can be confident and trust in the other pieces a little bit down the line. But it’s got to start somewhere.

Sam Munoz 15:55
Yeah, totally. This makes me think too, of the what we were talking about before with regards to like, offering all these different things. And I think that one reason we tend to do that is because we have this idea that there’s only like a limited number of opportunities. And I think that that can also make us hesitate in terms of owning the space as well. Because if we say that we’re a web designer, then that automatically is repelling clients that are looking for something else, and will pay us to do something different. But that’s not what we’re doing. We’re doing web design, like the people that want copywriting, let’s say, and you’re not a copy, like, if you’re not a copywriter, and you put on your Instagram profile, like I’m a web designer, then yes, those people aren’t going to come for you for copywriting necessarily, or they’re not going to come to you for photography. And so it can feel there’s that fear to have. Now I’m pushing away opportunities. Or if you are, like you said, Karyn, if you are starting to get more specific in owning your space, and you’re starting to say I am a web designer for coffee shops, now you could potentially be repelling even more people. But as we talked about in the previous episode, when you start to do that, and you carve out your little space, you can charge more, you become more of an expert in that space, like there’s so much benefit. But I think we have to get over that mindset hurdle of if I own this space, I’m cutting out potential opportunities, but we’re in a in an abundant place, right, we are creating websites, and everyone needs a website period, if they’re a business owner, they need to have some sort of web presence

Karyn Paige 17:20
thing that was like really helpful for me too. And like owning the space that felt very again, like it’s there is there actually is safety and owning the space there is that really, really is just like for children, their safety in having like rules and structure in their life. You know what I mean? Like having schedules and stuff, their safety and owning the space as a business owner. So for me, when I got started, I knew like, I’m not really interested in building websites for businesses that are run by men, like I’m just not really interested in that, right. And so I was like, I’m gonna own that I might not even say it out loud. But I’m gonna focus on on women. So everything I talked about, like people I talked to, like the work that I do, the sample projects that I create, it’s gonna be women. And then at a certain point, I was like, You know what, I actually want to work specifically with women of color as well. So I’ve started to infuse that into like, my sample projects and into like marketing and stuff. And so it felt safe for me to declare that internally. And then I felt confident when it came time to put that out there and start owning the space. Right. But again, it was like, the place that got me to that point was I was really clear on like, what I wasn’t interested in and what I didn’t desire doing what I didn’t enjoy doing. And so I also we’ve talked about this in Episode 14, like when you clear out all of that clutter, like what are you making space for like space? Again, the word it’s like, what is that? Is there something wrong? Like do we are people afraid? Or do they feel like there’s this value judgment with saying I do this for this particular group of people or this particular type of industry? The word that’s coming up for me there is the word just right, like, Oh, I just build websites for women who own coffee shops, I just do web development. I don’t do web design, like then you start placing all of these, like diminishing values on what you do and what you have to offer, which can kind of make you feel small, make you feel like it’s not good enough. But I’m like let’s reframe that. Like let’s put the thing down, flip it and reverse it and be like, how can we make all of this work for us?

Sam Munoz 19:33
Right? I love that. I love that reframe of there’s actually although it might feel safer to not own the space and not put it out there right and not declare that you’re a web designer or a developer or who you serve or however you want, however specific you want to be even though that feels safe to just stay a little hidden, stay smaller, stay quiet, stay tucked away. I love that reframe of there can actually be safety in being specific Because then you get to decide more for yourself, right? There’s like, that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship is that you get to decide, you get to decide what you offer, when you work, who you work with all of those things. And that is powerful, it gives you power, right? And that makes you feel confident. And that’s again, that’s something that we’ve been talking about a lot on this episode. And that’s like an outcome of owning the space is confidence. And that confidence is going to come through in several aspects of your business when it comes to you know, marketing, selling, doing the tasks. So let’s talk also about the beauty of the confidence that comes once you start even again, if we’re starting as simple as I am a web designer,

Karyn Paige 20:42
yes. Oh my gosh, I’m like smiling so hard right now. Because when you own the space, it just becomes so clear. And that confidence is like it’s like undeniable, right? So again, it when you make that the declarative statement, if it’s an identity statement for you, right, all of a sudden, you know, who to talk to, because you know what you have to offer them, right? You know what skills to focus on mastering or becoming proficient in, because you know what to focus on, you don’t have to focus on all the platforms, you don’t have to focus on all the premium plugins just have to focus on the thing that’s going to deliver the result to the type of person or industry or project that you want to work on. Like, you know what to say, on social media, if you’re using social media marketing, because you know, what you do you know, who you serve, you know what you have to offer them, you also know where to find more people like that, right? It’s like, I don’t have to worry about talking to 50 different types of people, I’ve got this one lane that I’m in, I’m gonna keep driving in that lane, like it’s the I five all the way up and down the West Coast, like to head onwards and upwards. You know, you gain confidence when you are selling not just when you’re marketing and getting in front of people, you have confidence when you’re selling what you do. Because it’s like undeniable like this, I do this thing I do it, you know, I do for these types of people like this kind of results. It’s all just like confidence, confidence, confidence, like, I want women in the web design space to get as confident and like, own the space with what they do. as confident as you are, what your name is, you know, like, again, when you talk to somebody and you meet someone for the first time, there’s no doubt in your mind that you know what your name is, like, I am Karyn page, it is nice to meet you, you don’t just like you own the space of your own name and your own identity, you can also have that confidence with what you do,

Sam Munoz 22:38
which is such a beautiful thing, right? The idea of women in particular coming out here and being like, I am a web designer, I am a web developer. And just like standing in that, no, just no qualifiers, simply saying this is what you do. Without the buts the ends the justs anything that is diminishing you and what you’re doing. And that is I love that point that you made to about like, the confidence that comes because you build the skills because I think that that’s part of like, the main thing that is required to truly sell and market well is you have to know that you’re good at what you do. And the more you practice those things and you owning the space and and getting better at the skills are inherently related. If you decide that you’re a WordPress web developer or a WordPress web designer, you are going to cultivate skills on WordPress, you’re not going to be scattering your attention and your skill building on five different platforms. So this is a part of like, I guess you could also call this kind of niching. Right? I know a lot of people like to use that term. That’s kind of what this is, where it’s like, this is the specificity and you can continue to grow that confidence, which is going to build on you know, when you go to sell your services, you’re like, No, no, I’m actually really good. It’s so much easier to sell when you truly believe in yourself. Because you have to believe in what you’re selling, honestly, more than the person that’s trying to buy it from you, right? Because you have to believe that you know, it’s good. Why would they buy it from you, if you don’t believe that you can deliver on what you’re saying and what you’re trying to offer them.

Karyn Paige 24:09
It’s so true. It’s so true. I feel like we can all recall some experience or memory or even something maybe that we’ve seen in TV or a movie where someone wasn’t confident about something that they were selling. And like you can pick up on that. Like you can sense that you can feel that right? Yeah. So you were saying something earlier? Just the whole idea of like really declaring the identity statement, right. But sometimes I when we’re having these conversations I have like the little listener devil’s advocate who whispers in my ear while we’re recording and the thing that came up was, but what if I’m wrong? What if I do declare, what if I do make an identity statement? What if I do niche down and I make the wrong choice?

Sam Munoz 24:51
I’ve got Aaron Lindstrom in my ear. She is an amazing life mindset coach and her big thing is like who is Deciding what wrong is right? Like, what does it even mean to be wrong?

Karyn Paige 25:05
I don’t know. Right to like, make a mistake or to do something incorrect or to do something that’s not though one right way, which we’re we are always hearing and like rejecting

Sam Munoz 25:20
but like you get to decide, right? Like if you make an identity statement, let’s say let’s just go with our favorite, which is like I’m a web designer for coffee shops, you decided that that’s your identity statement, you declare it. And I guess being wrong would maybe be not getting any clients. That might be how you might define being wrong in this case, okay, well, you can you have a choice then right, you can either decide to continue with that identity statement, learn more about that particular client, make sure you’re offering the right things for them and continue to own the space. Or you as the smart, savvy, adaptable business owner you are, you get to decide, okay, that was not the identity statement for me, I’m going to pivot and that’s the beauty of what we’re doing right? Like, you don’t really fail, you just learn. So even if you make the quote unquote mistake of saying I’m owning the space of being a web designer for coffee shops, and it doesn’t work out, girl, change it, we’ve done that in the business, we’ve been like, we’re gonna now just do this one thing. And then we’re like, No, that doesn’t really feel in alignment. That doesn’t feel like the thing that we want to do. That’s not like our signature thing. And then we change it and it’s not a big deal. It really isn’t. It’s your freakin business, you get to decide,

Karyn Paige 26:30
when I first heard the word or the phrase you get to decide. It was so liberating. Like that came to me through my own mindset coaching work, I worked with a coach named Giselle Allen and she was the first one who even introduced me to that concept. And up until that point, everything felt so rigid. Every I was really, really stuck in though like one right way to do things. But it is the idea of you get to decide it is the idea of like, pivot as you were talking, I’m like the word pivot keeps coming up like neon sign, I’m thinking of Ross Geller. In that episode of friends, we’re just trying to move the couch, like you just pivot, you pivot, you pivot, and that’s okay. And that’s actually a very entrepreneurial thing to do. Let’s get into the whole declarative owning the space of being an entrepreneur. And all that means, right, like we do get to try something, see if that works, go in a direction pivot to something else. Like it’s like hopping from a lily pad to lily pad, that is our journey as entrepreneurs and we also have to, like, own that and be okay with that. And, and again, it’s like sometimes you don’t even know that that is an option for you, unless you’re in community with people and we’re having these kinds of conversations, because I didn’t know for years that it was okay to say I’m on this lilypad right now, and I might hop to another one. And maybe I don’t even know that, that I’m going to hop there yet. But maybe that’s where I’ll end up but I like even the idea of like pivoting like waking up freakin hard turn, we did this, we’re not doing this anymore. We’re going to do a different thing now. Like that is all okay, we all have permission to do that. And like the very foundational like old saying of like, Oh, it’s a woman has the right to change your mind or something like that, like we have the right to change our minds at any time. If that means we get to really stand in our truth and like, own the space that we decide we want to be in. Yes, yeah,

Sam Munoz 28:24
you know, and also, we are web designers and web developers, ladies, we know how to adapt when it comes to working on a project, right? We try something it doesn’t work, we maybe write a line of code, it breaks everything we try to make a design, it looks like crap, we pivot we change course we try something new. Those are skills that you can directly translate into your mindset work that you’re doing here, when you’re thinking about owning the space when you’re afraid of standing in a particular niche or saying that you work with a particular type of person or you do a specific type of thing or even just saying that you’re a web designer developer, like all those fears that are coming up remember you have the skills and you’ve used them in other avenues but you have the skills that are required to own the space and experience the confidence that comes

Karyn Paige 29:11
I really love that I want our listeners to leave this episode feeling that much closer to owning the space whatever that means for you like maybe you write it down and put it on a post it on your computer that you look at every time you open up your laptop. I used to have one of those posts like right on right like right next to my trackpad on my my MacBook. So every time I opened my laptop, I would see the same message and it just became a part of me

Sam Munoz 29:39
affirmation, right?

Karyn Paige 29:40
Yeah, it was but it wasn’t even an affirmation. It was just a scribble. But yeah, it was served the same purpose of an affirmation, right. Like there were times where I put like reminders in my phone to go off every day at five o’clock. You know what I mean? But it’s like, yeah, that first little step of owning the space is like really feeling it for yourself like internally. Believing and trusting in it. So I hope that that’s a takeaway for the women who are listening.

Sam Munoz 30:06
Definitely. And you can start with something simple like creating an identity statement, or something really easy for yourself. You don’t even have to necessarily put it out there yet, although I think that that’s a part of this process is sharing it and standing in it, and just seeing how it feels. How does it feel to say, I’m a web designer for coffee shops? And what kind of, you know, how do you feel when you do that? Does that make you feel confident, like just checking in with how you feel when you’re putting things out and standing in that so hopefully, you guys are feeling motivated and inspired. And if you write some sort of identity statement or you create, you know, this declaration, we would definitely love to see it. And if you’re like sharing this on your Instagram stories, I’m at Hello, Sam and iOS. Karyn is that Karyn page that would be super cool to see that we will cheerlead you like crazy. And we do dig deeper into this in the making website Magic School of Business mentorship, because we start with your y, right? We start with your dreams, and your ideal client and all that stuff. And from that, we start to pull out your identity statement so that you can truly own the space and move forward in your business with a good a good bedrock of foundations. So if you’re interested in learning more about that just keep listening because there’s going to be information at the end of this episode.

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