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episode 53

A Season of New Beginnings

Today Sam & Karyn make the bittersweet announcement to end the podcast as they step into a new season of life and business. They share what is to come, how you can stay connected to the Making Website Magic Community and encourage you to be open to new opportunities, too.

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Karyn Paige, Sam Munoz

Karyn Paige 00:00
Things change, and that’s okay. And so it’s really about like, how you kind of want to accept that change? And what’s your relationship with the idea of change in general? And then also, okay, so what do you want to do? Like, what choices do you want to make that bring you back to really feeling like things are in alignment and things are easeful and simple and all of that good stuff. So yeah, it’s definitely a testament to like, you, as the listener, as a business owner, like this is an invitation to always feel safe to allow that change and that flexibility.

Sam Munoz 00:39
Welcome to Making website magic where we empower women to step boldly into their web design, businesses follow their intuition and claim the success they’re worthy of. I’m Sam Munoz.

Karyn Paige 00:49
And I’m Karen Page, where the Tech Wizards behind Sam, Windows consulting and the making website Magic School of Business. Were two women here to talk about what it actually takes to run a web design business that’s aligned with your vision.

Sam Munoz 01:02
Spoiler alert, it probably isn’t what you think it is ready to hear about everything from refining your business vision, networking with intention and creating a magical client experience. Let’s do it. Okay, well, hello, Karen.

Karyn Paige 01:21
I say how’s it going?

Sam Munoz 01:24
You know, it is going well. And it’s not a but it’s an and there’s a little bit of bittersweet energy I’m experiencing today. So good and sad. Bittersweet?

Karyn Paige 01:37
Yes. Turns out two things can be true at the same time. Multiple emotions can be felt at the same time. So yeah, I receive that. I feel similarly. And thank you for saying that out loud. So yeah, we are here today with a very specific topic. And mine, our conversation is centered around. Yeah, big announcement, I guess you could say.

Sam Munoz 02:02
Yeah. So just to kind of get right to it. And then I think what’s going to end up happening is because this is what we do. And we love to share kind of like not only like behind the scenes, but more. So like the thought process and the mindset and all of the things that are like we’re thinking, but we are going to sunset, the making website magic podcast, this is going to be our last episode. So of course, you probably understand now that bittersweet energy, sad to see something so beautiful and fruitful go. But also, both Karen and I have lots of things coming up that we’d love to share with you and just talk through. But I certainly think that what makes sense to start with for this episode is like what kind of led us to this decision and what how we feel about that, or wherever we want to go with that. But very much like talking about the decision of sunsetting the podcast.

Karyn Paige 02:55
So as with all things making website magic, and the theme that comes up so often, in every episode of this podcast, the decision to sunset, this podcast actually came from a place of alignment.

Sam Munoz 03:10
Definitely. And I think you know, we’ve talked about this so many times that idea of like continuously looking at your business, refining and tweaking, realigning your arrow, deciding what fits and what doesn’t fit. And we’ve had tons of internal conversations in terms of like, what do we want to do with making website magic? What are we doing with the mentorship? Do we want to continue the podcast, I announced in our last episode of season two, where we were reviewing what had happened and what was to come, I have taken on a full time position. And so I decided to kind of take the SMC studio, as it’s called the freelance WordPress business that I started in January of 2018, and downscale that, and we had plans to do some different things with making website magic. But after really spending time thinking about our life visions, our professional visions, and all of that, we have come to the decision together to let go of making website magic and the mentorship and the podcast and all of those things in pursuit of things that do truly feel more in alignment for each of us. What I think is so valuable about being transparent and having this conversation on the podcast is that I hope someone hears this and feels empowered to make a decision for themselves that is in the best interest of their own vision. And obviously, like, make those decisions with lots of thought and guidance and transparency and conversation with those affected and that are impacted by your decisions. But it’s okay to change things.

Karyn Paige 04:47
Yeah, I just wanted to resonate with that statement. Again, like it’s okay to change things. That’s just so true in business. It’s so true in life, like whether or not your business is web design and development. For anything under the sun, right, like, things change, and that’s okay. And so it’s really about, like, how you kind of want to accept that change? And what’s your relationship with the idea of change in general? And then also, okay, so what do you want to do? Like, what choices do you want to make that bring you back to really feeling like things are in alignment and things are easeful and simple and all that good stuff. So yeah, it’s definitely a testament to like, you, as the listener, as a business owner, like this is an invitation to always feel safe to allow that change and that flexibility,

Sam Munoz 05:38
right, something that I kind of struggle with myself in terms of like making a decision going forward with it, and then deciding later on, like, oh, actually, this wasn’t the right one for me, is I tend to get like really passionate about things. And I, especially if I believe in something that I’m doing are working on. I’m all in on it. But it’s hard, like after the fact when you’re like, oh, that maybe isn’t an alignment. After all, like I sometimes struggle with the guilt of like, so was I passionate about it? Was I not passionate about it? Or like, what does that mean, in terms of like, my desires, and my vision, so it kind of can rock things a little bit? Like I always feel a little rocky after like a decision like this? Because it’s like, who am I then? And I think that there’s not really an answer, because we’re evolving. Like, we’re never stagnant. We’re never just one person. We’re always kind of shifting and changing. I mean, what do you think about that?

Karyn Paige 06:30
Yes, I say so that I feel like there is almost like a social pressure to like have one identity, and that’s your whole identity, your only lane for the rest of your life. And that’s not true for everybody. Most people are actually like, what is that that concept in video games, where you like, go off on like a side quest, or whatever. And then you’re kind of like in the sandbox, like doing something that has nothing to do with the challenges, but you’re having fun doing it, like most of us are actually, I think, inclined to to try and experiment and sample and like, you know, one day we have our cowboy hat on, and the next day, we have our Carmen Sandiego hat on and like, that’s okay. So even like accepting that and releasing the pressure to just be one thing all the time is, is definitely part of it. And I know that I resonate with that, because I’ve tried and sampled and experimented and done so many different things. And, and then you kind of find something that you land on, and you’re like, Okay, I’ll stick I’ll stick with this, until the spirit moves me to move somewhere else and stick with that for a little bit. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sam Munoz 07:32
Yeah, yeah, that’s such a good way to think about it. It’s also something where I’m like, well, taking yourself out of yourself and thinking like, Well, how would you respond to a friend who was like, I’ve decided to make this decision and like, do this other thing, and like, you know, change, whatever, you probably be kind and accepting? And like, do you do what you need to do? But you know, it’s very easy to be most critical of ourselves?

Karyn Paige 07:56
It is, it is it is? And so even that is like, how is that helping you? How that criticism, that self criticism helping you how is it serving you? And would you like to maybe choose another way to think and feel about this very neutral circumstance, right? It’s a very neutral circumstance of like, we did this thing. And now we’re no longer doing this thing. All of the thoughts that come after that circumstance are going to lead to certain feelings, right. And so it’s also like, well, we get to choose how we want to think and how you want to feel about all of that. And I think that’s what’s so special, too, is like, bringing it back to the idea of sunsetting, the podcast, it’s this amazing thing that we created, we have two really great seasons, we have over 50 episodes of these conversations that are really evergreen, and are conversations that can be revisited at any point in time, and they will still be relevant. And like, bless my mom who listens to every episode, she’s always like, I don’t even have a web design business. But I find value from your conversations every time like I learned, like a new life lesson. You know what I mean? So it’s like, we can live in the space of like, self criticism and that peace. And we can also live in the space of like celebration, and like reflecting and acknowledging achievements. And we’ve done something and put it out into the world, it was well received, it still has a potential to be well received, because this podcast is going to live on the platforms, even though we’re no longer releasing new episodes. And so also we get to just sit with that celebration and sit with all of the good feels that come with that of like, we did something and it meant something to people, and we help people and we still have the potential to help people moving forward.

Sam Munoz 09:34
Yes, totally. And honestly, the fact that like the word seasons just came up in terms of you know, we had two seasons, but like we’re stepping into a new season of life, new season of business or careers or whatever. And that’s also okay, seasons change, things move on and you prune things that are not in alignment and all of that, but yeah, to your point like, from a logistic standpoint, the podcast lives on like if you heard an episode before You were like, Wow, that really helped me in my business, what we created, I fully believe in, I think that those 50 Plus episodes that we have out there from the making website, magic podcasts are so valuable. I’m so glad we spent time doing that. I think that that is just such a cool thing that gets to live on. And we’re gonna continue keeping those live so that you can benefit from them and listen, and take those lessons away.

Karyn Paige 10:26
Yeah. And also, we still have the making website, magic free community that’s available, folks are joining every day, every week, and the conversations are going strong in there. So if you have been a listener of this podcast, and you’re like, No, I don’t want the good times to add, like, join us over there, you know, we’re still we’re still over there.

Sam Munoz 10:47
Yes, that’s such a good point. I know, for me personally, like, I don’t want to let go of like serving and mentoring and just being an asset to women, web designers and developers alike. That’s very much still a part of my mission here. And so maybe that’s done in a different way. And it just looks a little different. But I’m going to be spending time in the community when I can and how I can just, you know, it’s just coming in from a different angle.

Karyn Paige 11:15
Yeah, I’m in alignment with you there, too. I think that’s been, you know, one of the biggest gifts and takeaways through the experience of recording making website magic podcast for me personally, is that there’s a deep rooted, like, sole purpose, desire to help women, like just stay really connected to what’s our truth, like our individual truth, what is important to us, like what our values are, like, how we can really stand behind the decisions that we want to make from a place of like, certainty and confidence and like, I am tapping into my power, stepping into my power. And like, I get to choose and I get to decide like that all has become like my passion and my mission through recording the episodes of this podcast. And so to your point, like, I’m never gonna not want to do that I’m always going to want to be useful and of service to anyone who needs that and is looking for that.

Sam Munoz 12:15
And so metta, by the way, like all of this, like stepping into decisions, and like owning what you’re doing and knowing what your alignment is, and following that, and being confident to do that. That’s literally what we’re doing right now, too. So it’s just kind of funny how it is, you know what, Karen, I feel like this really transitions us into another part of this conversation, which is more about like, where we’re going next. Because so much of what you just talked about, I know is a part of like your future. So if whatever you’d like to share with the people that are listening, please feel free to

Karyn Paige 12:45
Oh, yeah, okay, so I am not let go. This coaching thing y’all like this is this, I’m living in this space. So that is fully what I plan on doing going forward is still offering mindset coaching to women, whether you are a web designer or not, like I’m here to help you process your thoughts and feelings and move past those blocks and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of you really like embodying this vision that you have for yourself, whatever that may be. So that is my plan. I’ve got I’m open for business y’all. Like, let’s talk, let’s do a console. And also, I’m fully incorporating human design into my coaching practice that has been so phenomenally helpful for me personally, like really understanding like, my strategy and how to move through this world and like what’s in alignment and what’s not. And so, I definitely plan on offering that as well. Whether or not it’s like a one off session where you just kind of get your personal, you know, unique human design instruction manual, or you want to then use that information moving forward for like a deeper transformation on one on one coaching.

Sam Munoz 13:59
I love it so much. And it’s been so fun, like watching all those skills evolve over the last year like doing the podcast doing the mentorship and just like you’ve totally carved out your space in the mindset like that was so obviously like such a good fit. It’s been really, really awesome watching you develop these things over time and like go and educate yourself about new coaching practices, and then come back and bring it to the mentorship and I got to see you do it with the women like the fact that you’re now opening your coaching practice beyond just web designers and developers, I think is awesome. And you have so much that you I feel like you probably have learned right from using that as like a specific entry point. Right? And like focus

Karyn Paige 14:41
Absolutely. Again, like so many gifts, specifically coming from making website magic. And one of the gifts was this understanding that there really is a universal truth about like if you have something you want to do if you have a goal or you have a specific strategy, but there’s something in there for you work like I don’t believe this will work for me, or there’s something that’s stopping me from doing it. I know, this is what I want, but I just can’t get to a place where it’s like my reality now like that, in essence, is like, an invitation to step back and like, work through the mindset work through the emotional wellness piece. And then also, you know, maybe reflect on is this actually even really what I want? Or am I trying to do something that I feel like I shouldn’t be doing. So it doesn’t even matter if you’re like a web designer or not, like, we are literally all experiencing that, or we will experience that at one point in our life. And so that’s why, you know, again, what the idea of like, the podcast has also served people who weren’t web designers, it’s like, coaching is coaching is coaching. It can be beneficial to anyone and everyone. Oh,

Sam Munoz 15:46
so true. And what we learned in the mentorship is certainly that strategy is helpful, but like without that other component without all of those beliefs like it is hard to implement. Yep, is really hard to implement. So where do people go, then you’re open for business? Where do they go to like, sign up for a console call?

Karyn Paige 16:05
Oh, you know, it’s just Karen Like that shortly. Go on for any length like it’ll say. I will also like, reconnected with a desire to show up on Instagram. So everybody is invited to hang out with me at Karen Page on Instagram. I’m there like, quite often.

Sam Munoz 16:26
That is awesome. And it’s really ironic, because I’m taking like the complete opposite stance, if you will, like, No, I’m on Twitter, and I’m using it for work stuff. And it’s all fine. Like, I don’t tweet about anything other than WordPress, if you don’t see the hashtag WordPress, and my tweet probably wasn’t for me. But I think like, in this whole, all of these decision making, things that we’ve been doing and everything, and I wrote this blog post on my website, which I now rebuilt with full site editing, which is like modern WordPress stuff, and I’m very proud of myself. But anyway, I wrote this very short, kind of weird poem kind of thing about a new Hello world, I think is what I called it. Yeah, I know. It had to had to go there.

Karyn Paige 17:11
I love that. I love that on so many levels. It’s bringing in Aladdin, it’s bringing in the Hello, worlds, in a show like, yeah, it’s all the things WordPress, you know,

Sam Munoz 17:21
it’s really short. But it’s basically about like, the scariness of change, but the ultimate benefits. And I’ve been spending a lot of time doing like gardening and outside things too. And it’s just one of those things where it’s like, sometimes you have to prune things, sometimes you have to pick even like fruit left too long on the plant, like it becomes overripe. And so it’s just like, there’s so many like things that I’m just like, seeing and noticing in my life in my career, where I’m like, Okay, we’re gonna go back to like, my basics and minimize things and all of that. So it’s a fun exploration, but it is a change is scary. And that’s like, the biggest thing that I’m experiencing is just like the change and things being different, because I don’t think I fully decided yet what I want to do with my business at all, like one day, I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna get rid of all the clients and pass them off to someone. And the next day, I’m like, I could take on another project. And then the next day, I’m like, Well, maybe I’ll like, create some digital products. So I’m just gonna, like, let it all sit for a little bit. I haven’t done this, I will be honest, like, I never really just let things sit for a minute, when I don’t know what to do around stuff like that. Like, I’m more of an action taker. I feel like in this season of my life, if I just like, let it all just hang out for a couple months, and then see what what come I think something will come up and be apparent and be like, that’s what you should do, Sam. And maybe it’s closing down the business. And I’m really coming to terms with that. And knowing that it served me so well. And if it is the time to let it go, like that’s okay. Which is hard, but it’s okay. You can hear the trepidation in my voice.

Karyn Paige 18:53
Yeah, I do think you’re on the right track to like, let it sit and let it breathe or whatever it marinate, whatever, like metaphor you want. Because, truthfully, when you’re really trying to force and chase after that decision, and that next step, it’s not allowing the space for it to just come to you for it to be easy, right? Yeah. And ultimately, I think that’s what we all want is like, we want that ease. We want that flow and that simplicity. And so yeah, just letting it be what it needs to be and letting it come on its own time. Sounds like a great strategy for you to take as our queen strategist of the podcast, you know,

Sam Munoz 19:33
yeah, I think not to get too deep into this. But I think like when I started the business, I was like, very focused on a few things, right. It was like make some money make back however much I was making from my previous job, get some clients, whatever. And so like, as soon as that started happening, it was very, I was just like, Okay, next client, next client next one, and I don’t feel that I ever had a chance or made space because I probably could have, but I didn’t necessarily Do you make space to just like, like we would do for finding things, and I’d sit down with things and decide what to do next. And I think that that was all valuable. But if I had to give any advice to someone who is in their business and maybe feeling overwhelmed or feeling like, you know, I’ve got a million things going on, and I’m, I don’t know what to do next. And all of that, I would say, like, give yourself like a few days off to just like, like, if you can create, like, a week off. And then like, maybe one of those days, you just sit down and you’re like, What do I want this business to be like a week is not going to kill your business. It’s just not. So that’s like a practical piece of advice. But I wish I had done that more in the business. Like, I mean, taking a whole week off like it’s, again, it’s a few days, but it can make a difference.

Karyn Paige 20:44
I love that you said that. Because again, you’re so right, like, a week, it can feel like a blip of time. And it can also feel like a lifetime. But if you put it in perspective of like, if I give myself this week, to just rest, rest my brain, release these thoughts, whatever, what is possible for like, the next year or the next 10 years, just to give yourself some space, right? So it is hard to let ourselves do that, especially when we’re in a society that’s like, go, go go, like chase after the things make the things happen. You know, if you’re not moving, you’re dying, and all that kind of stuff. But it’s like, if you’re not resting, you’re also killing yourself. So like, in no uncertain terms, you know, again, it really kind of comes down to just noticing what you mean, like being honest with yourself and saying it’s okay. Like, you said something about, like the idea of change. And also it’s like, what if it’s if something different, like the reframe is like, it’s the version like we’re on this version now. You know?

Sam Munoz 21:50
Yeah, yeah. It’s like an iteration. And like, it’s always going to be kind of updating and improving, you get new information that you didn’t have before a new life experience happens that you’ve never had before. And you’re like, huh, let’s do this differently, or whatever. Absolutely.

Karyn Paige 22:04
Yeah. So I mean, here’s to flexibility, adaptability, creating space, and then feeling comfortable in that space.

Sam Munoz 22:13
Yeah. If this conversation has your wheels, turning about a decision that you need to make or something that you’re like, oh, I don’t know, or whatever, I feel like someone listening to this could be experiencing that, I’d probably hit up care. And if I were you, because she paid the person to talk to you.

Karyn Paige 22:29
Thank you for that. And let me just say this, this is like for real for ill, most of us are moving through life trying to chase after something and get something initiated. Whereas what we could be doing that would be more useful and like more in alignment and bring more ease into our life is just like taking that breath, waiting a little bit creating the space and trusting that the decision will come to us.

Sam Munoz 22:56
Wow. Well, that is I think, a great place to end this episode. Again, we mentioned that the free community is still open and available that’s making website If you’re not in there, it’s filled with women, web designers and developers from all sorts of different platforms, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. We have plans eventually, to kind of CO create a bit of a directory so you can find other people to collaborate with to send off as qualified referrals or whatever. But that’s a free space to hang out and continue to build community. Again, the podcast is going to be accessible, making website has tons of tutorials on there and things and that’s not going away. So continue to utilize all of those free resources and reach out to us. Like I said, I’m trying to like go dark on social media. That’s just my personal, like, I need to do that. And it’s it’s been in the works for years. So I feel like I finally have the freedom to do it. So feel free to email me Sam at Samantha We’re going all the way back. You know, send me a letter just getting please don’t buy gear and where would you like I know you said this before, but where you know, what is the central point where people can come connect with you can connect

Karyn Paige 24:05
with me on Instagram at Karen Page. I’m still in the community. You can connect with me there. I’m open to any questions. I love answering them. So bring them my way. And lastly, I just I want to say thanks to everybody who has listened to this podcast left a comment shared it given us feedback. Thank you so much for being on this quest with us. And thank you, Sam for inviting me along on this journey. And everything has just felt so great. It’s been like an amazing ride.

Sam Munoz 24:33
Yes. And thank you for saying yes, this podcast would be nothing without you. So it has I mean, it’s truly been such an honor to do it with you. It’s been so fun co hosting it with you. And again, like I just think we’ve provided so many ideas and things throughout the whole podcast and yes, thank you for listening and sharing and telling us your feedback. And again, like I would love to continue connecting with you more one on one in the community. That’s more my style anyway. And I think you know, I think we Because Jared and I are pretty similar on that so hang out with us and we will talk to you soon okay bye


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