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episode 52

Season 02 in Review

If you’ve been following us for some time, you know how important it is for us to take the time to reflect on how far we’ve come and look ahead to where we plan to go. As we celebrate both one year of the podcast and closing out another season, we are excited to reflect on season 02 of the show.

Show Notes:

Episode 38: Permission-Based Marketing & Networking for Web Designers A key episode for anyone who feels hesitant when they are talking to potential clients or selling their services in fear of being salesy or sleazy.
Episode 41: The POWER of the Coming Soon Page for Web Designers The episode for anyone feeling stuck in this trap of making their website “perfect” before they go out and begin money-generating activities.
Episode 34: Who Do You Need to Become to Charge Four Figures for a Website? An important listen for those needing to make the mindset switch to take the leap into charging more for their services. Hint: you probably already have the skills and qualities to do so.
Episode 42: How Are You Spending Your Work Day as a Web Designer?
A heart-to-heart episode that encourages you to reflect on how you’re really spending time in your business.
Episode 50: Boundaries & Expectations for Web Designers & Developers Truly a cornerstone episode as this topic comes up so often with the women in our mentorship. This episode will completely change the way you do business.
Episode 14: Stop Offering EVERYTHING as a Web Designer A season 01 favorite that releases you from feeling like you have to learn new things to be successful and gives you the permission to offer the things you enjoy.
Bonus: Listen back to the interviews of some of our Making Website Magic mentorship success stories!

Episode Transcript:

Karyn Paige, Sam Munoz

Sam Munoz 00:00
As long as you’re clear on your vision, it can change and evolve. And it’s just like continuously gut checking and realigning as you go. And it’s okay that like the destination maybe shifts a little bit as you get clear on what it is that you want. And I think just being really kind to yourself, you know, in the sense of like, this is different. And like, I thought I had a different plan for the next three years, but like, this is what I’m doing. Now. I think that, again, leaning into that idea that like it’s okay for things to change, and it’s okay for you to like, move into places that feel good for you. And as long as it feels good for you, and right, and what needs to happen, then it’s the right choice. Welcome to Making website magic, where we empower women to step boldly into their web design, businesses follow their intuition and claim the success they’re worthy of. I’m Sam Munoz.

Karyn Paige 00:55
And I’m Karen Page, where the Tech Wizards behind Sam Munoz consulting on the making website Magic School of Business, where two women here to talk about what it actually takes to run a web design business that’s aligned with your vision.

Sam Munoz 01:08
Spoiler alert, it probably isn’t what you think it is ready to hear about everything from refining your business vision, networking with intention and creating a magical client experience.

Karyn Paige 01:17
Let’s do it.

Sam Munoz 01:23
Hello, Karen, how are you on this amazing season to wrap up?

Karyn Paige 01:29
I’m great. I’m excited. I am slightly nostalgic. I’m all the things.

Sam Munoz 01:36
I feel like that’s such a good word. Yeah, nostalgic, just feeling like excited to think back about what this last. I guess it almost six months has been like Season Two of making website magic podcast, thinking about what’s coming up and happening now and happening in the future. And then, yeah, I know that last time, we kind of created a roadmap for season one for the season one recap, we created a roadmap of podcast episodes for people to listen to. And so I’m excited to share that as well. I think that that’s just such a fun way to say, hey, we’re taking a break. But here’s some great stuff if you haven’t listened to it, or if you did listen to it, and maybe haven’t applied it. Here’s some things to listen to and go back to. So I always like these wrap ups are fun.

Karyn Paige 02:17
Yeah, I love the wrap ups because it is very much like an opportunity for our listeners to catch up, right? Like we put out episodes every week. But that doesn’t mean that our listeners and our followers get to tune in and really like absorb the conversations every week. So this is a great summer break for you to catch up, do your thing. And then when we come back, we’ll all be on the same

Sam Munoz 02:41
page. Yes, and also speaking of which, we do summer slowdowns and like have moments of taking time off anyway in the business. And I think that reflecting that in the podcast just makes a lot of sense. And something that we know, this is just like, you know, anecdotal evidence, but I’m gonna go ahead and say this is that people that listen to the podcast, people that join the mentorship and are a part of making website Magic School of Business typically listen to things multiple times to digest information. And so you know, what, if you did listen to an episode before, and you know that it was powerful, and something that you did want to hear again, this is just such a great time to do that. And give yourself the chance and space to reabsorb information for the second time. Fun.

Karyn Paige 03:25
Yeah, so true. Yeah, it’s so true, because you can hear something once and get information and then you come back to it and you notice something different or something that you may have missed. Yes.

Sam Munoz 03:35
And we pack so much goodness into these episodes. They’re short and sweet. But we spent a lot of time like putting a lot of info in there. And sometimes we go really deep with them. And I feel like they do merit a little extra like, okay, all right, that makes sense now, so just Yeah, invitation to do that after listening to this episode.

Karyn Paige 03:54
Yes, I love that. I mean, that is very, like making website magic, right? Like, we definitely take time and think about things reflect on things. So it’s truly just more of that. And so, in the spirit of reflection, I would love to just spend some time kind of like thinking about what’s happened in the past six months, what’s happened since we premiered season two,

Sam Munoz 04:17
right? Because season two, I think started in January. And we just celebrated the anniversary of the podcast. So we’ve been doing this for a full year now, May 11. Thanks to Karen for keeping that date on the calendar and knowing our anniversary. But so exciting, honestly. And I think that thinking about what we’ve accomplished on the podcast in the past year, and when by accomplished I really mean like the places that we’ve gone on the podcast, you know, like the topics that we’ve explored. I think that that’s just really fun to think about. And specifically these last six months, we have explored so many topics on the podcast, and within making website magic. We’ve had a lot of growth and changes and adjustments and like we’ve had cycles of the mentorship So it’d be kind of fun to just like sit down talk about those accomplishments, things that we’ve learned, just review the past. Almost, yeah, six months Season Two of making a play Magic.

Karyn Paige 05:10
I mean, truly Oh, the Places You’ll Go, you know, like. So for me, I think like one of the things that really shines a light on like how much growth we’ve had, over the past six months is like looking back and noticing that we sent two cycles of women in the program out into the wilds, you know, our first cycle that we launched, right in tandem almost with the podcast. They had their graduation in December when we were on our first hiatus. And since then, our second cycle of mentees have also graduated from the program. And it’s just been amazing to see everybody like blossoming and continuing their journey in real time.

Sam Munoz 05:52
Seriously, like, think about the podcast as like an introduction, essentially, to the making website, Magic School of Business. Like we share mindset things, we give a lot of value away on the podcast, but the things that we share inside of our actual program container are, you know, just a lot of depth, there’s a lot of personal accountability, obviously, we mentor women, and it is amazing to see those humongous transformations that are happening with the people that we work with. Something that’s happened in season two is that we’ve actually interviewed four of the women that have gone through our program, and it’s so cool to like, think back to their interviews and the things that we talked about. And even the growth since having those interviews, like we talked to Stef Davis, you know, in January, and just thinking about where her business is now or Sarah kornblum, I Odelay. Kim, if you haven’t listened to any of those interviews, and you’re curious about what it’s like to actually work with Karen and I highly recommend listening to any of our interviews, you could go to make your website And check out the case studies page where you can find all of those interviews. But that in and of itself is so cool. This was our first season actually having a guest on the podcast and talking through someone else’s journey. And like weaving that in with teaching topics. And I just think that it’s really a gift to have watched so many women change their business and also change their lives, because that’s really what’s happening, right? Because there is so much inner weaving between like their professional life and the personal life. And like as you’re growing in your business, and you’re growing and your ability to raise your prices and all of that stuff, you’re growing in your personal confidence you’re going in your personal boundaries. And that’s super exciting. So yes, season two, within that timeframe, we’ve seen women go through the container and also start new women in the program. And it’s just wild, it’s wild to see so much happening in such a short amount of time. Really, I mean, it hasn’t even been quite six months since season one. So yeah, it’s kind of wild to see,

Karyn Paige 07:48
it is wild to see it’s also nice to stay in touch with the women who gone through the program. You know, a lot of them we not only do we keep in touch with them on social media, but we launched our free community like the making website Magic community, like if you listen to the show, you can join us there, a lot of the women who’ve gone through the program are there as well. So that is something that I’ve been really excited about since like, within the timeframe of season two is just inviting listeners like you to continue the conversation with us in this really lovely container,

Sam Munoz 08:25
so to speak. And it’s nice, because what was so interesting and fun about season one was seeing like we have a super niche podcast, right? We are here for women, web designers and developers. So there’s like, we’re very specific with who we’re talking to. If you’re listening to this podcast, you may identify as that type of person. And we were getting DMS constantly of people listening to the episode saying like, This is so great, I did this thing. And I applied what you said, and I had all of these results, like I went to a discovery call, I was more prepared, you know, I stopped using my email list all of these things that people were sharing with us individually. And I think creating the community as a centralized place for us to have conversations instead of using, you know, instead of like being on a more of like a soapbox on social media and just like talking at people, I think the community really creates a space where we can talk to each other and with one another. And I think that that’s so valuable. And although we just launched it recently, and it’s still growing, and we’re even trying to figure out how do we cultivate this as like a true hive, if you will, I see a lot of potential in that space and the women that are in there. I know that there are so many amazing minds that have been collected into one unified space. So I’m excited to see what the future of the making website magic free community is going to look like.

Karyn Paige 09:40
Yeah, I mean, in the spirit of excitement, we’ve just got so many ideas. Like I’m kind of like bursting at the seams of conversations that I want to have questions that I want to ask, getting in community with everybody in real time like that is something that I’m certainly looking forward to.

Sam Munoz 09:57
I have a question for you then Karen because you’re really spearheading the F We’re on the free community and being the main leader in there, which is amazing. What is going to be happening in the free community during hiatus? Like, is it going to be kind of quiet there too? Are we still, you know, sharing old resources sharing podcast episodes, people haven’t listened to like, what’s gonna what’s the plan for the free community during the summer slowdown in the hiatus from the podcast?

Karyn Paige 10:20
Oh, yeah, we’ve got stuff going on. Just because the podcast is out of slowdown, does it mean that all things making website magic will like cease, you know, like, we’re still in there, we’re still doing stuff. So inside the community, we’ve got some really cool stuff coming up in terms of meet and greets where we can get to know each other in real time. We’ve also got some secret podcast episodes, which are just like an extension of what we’re talking about here. But like, over and above weekly podcast episodes, you know what I mean? Because there’s like so much that we want to say that it’s like, we have to drop them in another area location to just get it out of our heads and continue sharing. I’m in this space where I’m really, really curious. Like, I just want to like ask questions and see, like, Give me something to respond to the aisle. You know what I mean? So like, I’ve got so many questions lined up that I’m just really curious about. And so I’m dropping those in the community. And like I said, it’s really all about continuing conversation.

Sam Munoz 11:18
Yes, exactly. Like taking all of those thoughts that you’re already having about the podcast and sharing them in one place, right with other people who are like, oh, yeah, I tried that, too. And that worked for me, or like, oh, did you consider this right? So going beyond I love that. That’s so great. I’m so excited about all of the things that you’ve put together for the community. And I can’t wait to kind of see that blossom. And we’re going to be talking about like what’s coming up in more detail in a few minutes about, you know, when we’re looking ahead, like, maybe season three, or you know, beyond that for making website magic. But before we get there, I did also want to say that the podcast has grown to like grown in listenership and certainly grown in downloads, we have surpassed 4000 downloads, we’re on our way to 5000. And again, for like a niche podcast, it’s very specific in the audience, that is a super amazing feat. And to know that there are like hundreds of people listening to our podcast, it’s pretty exciting. I don’t know, it’s pretty cool.

Karyn Paige 12:14
It is pretty cool. Like literally people from all over the world. It’s also been really cool, because something that we’ve done, since Season Two launched in January was we started like speaking events, as making website magic. And so reaching out and being introduced to other brands, communities, right. And, you know, just essentially talking about what we talked about here on the podcast, and getting introduced to so many people who have since like, started listening to the podcast, and join our program and join the free community. And so it’s like, been such a joy, to cast a really wide net and be like, Hey, we’re here, because this is the first time you’ve ever heard of us, like, check us out. And people are like, Yeah, we are responding, we’re resonating to, to what you’re talking about, I’m making website magic. So that’s, I mean, I’m like over the moon about it.

Sam Munoz 13:06
I think that’s really cool. Because it’s very much like we are super specific that we talk to women, web designers and developers. And it turns out that we hang out kind of in different spaces, that people that skew more towards the design side or the development side, there’s different places that we’re all living. And so it’s kind of cool that making website magic can be a unified place for us to have conversations on the podcast and in the free community. And in, you know, speaking to these different audiences, it’s cool to kind of collect people from, you know, across all these places, and say, Hey, we’ve got a space that we created just for you, that centers, your thoughts, opinions, all of that. And so I think that that’s a really just another value add, obviously, like, there’s reasons that we’re in those communities to begin with, but then bringing us all in a space where we feel like we’re having a conversation that is pertinent to everyone in the room. I think that that’s really fun.

Karyn Paige 14:00
Yes, I mean, it makes me think of when someone goes to join our community to ask them a question, like, you know, why do you want to join our community? And so many responses are like, verbatim, I really want to be in a community with like minded people. Yeah, it’s like, okay, yeah, okay, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Sam Munoz 14:19
Right. And it’s like minded not just in like the women web designer and developer part like that demographic, if you will. It’s also like minded, I’m noticing too, and just that like desire to, you know, raise your prices, cultivate your skills, have a business that feels like it’s in alignment with your life, vision, those kinds of things, like those kinds of qualities, and that’s the kind of person that is perfectly suited to be in the community and be listening to this podcast. So it is very fun to see as Season Two has just been so full of all that kind of stuff. And we’re using season two, you know, not just for the podcast, but very much like a time marker for what’s been happening and making website magic. So if you’re listening to this, and you’re thinking to yourself, Man, you ladies have covered some amazing topics. Thank you first and foremost, but then also, if you are looking for us to cover something in the future that we haven’t yet, if you have a topic that is just burning, you’re like I really, really need to know about, you know, what do I do in this situation? I think that those are such great episodes for us to record, you know, give us a scenario that you’ve had in your business that you’re looking for advice on, and we can totally make a podcast episode on that. Or we can create a secret podcast episode, if that makes more sense. But feel free to DM us feel free to drop a note in the free community and say, like, Hey, I’m having this issue or this thing has come up. And we would love to make podcast episodes around that that are really, really valuable for the things that you’re experiencing in your actual business, because that’s where a lot of our episodes are drawn from anyway, right here in like conversations. We’re having scenarios. And we’re like, we need to make this into a podcast episode. I feel like we say that so often, we’d be a shirt for

Karyn Paige 15:52
it. Yeah, yeah, actually, that would be great. I would love a t shirt that says we need to make a podcast. Because, yeah, but I mean, to your point, though, it’s like, literally, it’s been such a gift to be able to have conversations with women, web designers, and then like, notice what’s happening, and then be able to bring that back to the podcast, because if one woman is experiencing this, you can guarantee that someone else is experiencing it as well. So just having access to that information, and being able to share it has really been like very gratifying,

Sam Munoz 16:30
totally. And it’s so much more useful to have like actual real life situations versus just like, this is a hypothetical situation. It’s like, no, no, this actually happened like, either I’ve experienced it in my business characters experience it in hers, or someone that we’ve spoken with has been like raising their hand like I am struggling with XYZ. So thank you for being so generous already, with your contributions and your thoughts and all of that. But again, if you feel like you have a specific topic, feel free to reach out that is exciting to us. We like to be invited to those kinds of things. Yeah. Okay. So we spend a lot of time thinking about what’s happened over the past five, six months during the season to making website magic timeframe. And I think, you know, just as much as it’s great to be retrospective, thinking through all of the past stuff, and reflecting on all of that. It’s also fun to think about the future, what we’re doing next, looking ahead, looking at season three, and that timeframe. And you know, what’s happening on the podcast? What’s happening to making website magic at large? What’s happening with us? So let’s, let’s spend some time talking about that, because we’ve got a lot of fun things coming up in the future.

Karyn Paige 17:38
Okay, I looted to this before, because I was so excited to talk about it that I like skipped ahead ahead. But I’m really looking forward to just truly building the community and being actively engaged and creating opportunities for the folks in the community to actively engage with us.

Sam Munoz 17:57
Yes. And I think what’s so awesome about both the podcasts and the community is that they are free, right? There are spaces where although you know, you might have to enter your email address to get access to the actual community space, it is open to everyone in the sense that like, there’s no barrier to having conversations to being in community to absorbing the information. And I want to continue that with making website magic. Like I love that we have a free platform for people to get real, real actual value, and go apply it to their business and change the way that they’re running their business. And so spending time in the community, spending time creating content for the community, and all of the things and plans that we have is really important to both of us. Yeah. What is something like that’s coming up in the community that you feel excited about? Because I know you mentioned like all of these questions that you’re posing the secret podcast episodes.

Karyn Paige 18:50
I guess the beauty of like how we’ve really evolved in this season is like we’ve really kind of understood, specifically like who we are as contributors to these conversations, like Karen and Sam, like, who are we? What do we do? What are we here for it? Right? So we both noticed that Sam has got the strategies, right? Like, what is it strategist hat, you wear the strategist hat, right? And I am wearing the like mindset and healing hat. And so one of the the ways that I want to infuse that into the community, specifically with like, secret podcast episodes is to really sit into those hats. That doesn’t make sense. But really put those hats on quite snugly and like, embrace the look. And so we’ve got these topics around like mindset moments with Karen and strategy sessions with Sam, right, where we can just like, laser focus on these areas where we feel really good and like we’re owning those spaces.

Sam Munoz 19:57
I think that’s so exciting. And that’s like how we’re kind of framing those private episodes is, you know, really centering in on a very specific topic. And then just going in hard from either a mindset or a strategy perspective, depending on who’s talking and sharing that, I think that that is so valuable, because we can take more like broad conversations that we’re having on the podcast, and then laser down into them. So I think that’s super cool. Another thing I’m really, really, really excited about in the free community is that we have a plan as our like, first thing that we do event wise in the community is to have a meet and greet virtually with all the women who are there. And so this would look like hopping on a zoom call, you know, sometime in the evening, maybe on a Thursday or Friday, like a happy hour, if you will, and just getting to know each other as humans, you know, talking about business, almost like that virtual handshake, like get together in person. But there are women literally all over the world in the free community. And so I’m so excited to start there, and then expand what we’re doing in the free community in terms of just giving back with trainings and you know, different things that we’ve done on other people’s platforms, but pulling it into our space and our community. And really being able to, again, being really specific about the conversations we’re having and centering the people that are in the community. And so lots of events, I think that that’ll be fun, nothing overwhelming, but just bringing the community together in different ways beyond just social media and beyond just like typing to each other, like something more face to face, even if we can’t do something face to face in person right now. Who knows? The future could hold all sorts of things.

Karyn Paige 21:36
I mean, yeah, it sure could. And I love that you put that out there. Like I see that vision, the thing that I love about doing like, meet and greets over zoom. I personally, I don’t have zoom fatigue. Like I don’t know if that’s a thing that people are experiencing. But for me, who also doesn’t drive and so any opportunity that I get to, like, enter a Zoom Room and meet people talk to people, like literally just be holding space. Like it fully energizes me, right. It’s like, it’s like, I’m just here for it. I love looking at the beautiful faces in the gallery, like just all of this, like humanity, like I get really, really, really excited about it. So also, again, it’s like because our community is literally all over the planet. That creates an opportunity for us to connect in ways that are a lot more accessible than if it were in person which one day, one day, I do believe it can happen.

Sam Munoz 22:36
Yeah, Karen, I’m with you. Like, I think the idea of just like seeing everybody having conversations and just like doing it a little bit more real time feels really fun. And again, like I’m just not like a social media person. And so the idea of like just doing something where it feels a little bit more like I’m a person, Europe, or we’re just having a conversation. Sounds very fun. And so that’s definitely going to be upcoming sometime in the season three, or maybe even before, who knows. So make sure in the free community honestly, like if you’ve heard nothing else today so far, join that like, just check it out. Maybe it’s not your space, that’s okay. But it’s on mighty networks. It’s simple. It’s easy. There’s an app where you can do it on your computer, it’s truly up to you. But if you’re thinking about like, where should I spend my time, like scrolling around on social media? Or maybe maybe there’s no judgement, when I say that? Maybe the other like another option for you could be spending time in an intentional space. Just throwing it out there as you know, choose what feels right for you.

Karyn Paige 23:35
Yeah, or even if you’re just like, Oh, I miss Sam and Karen, while they’re on the podcast, hiatus will be over there. Like I’m there every day.

Sam Munoz 23:42
Good point, Karen. Yes. And we’ll have those secret episodes happening too. So that’s really exciting. I did want to say something else, too, in terms of looking ahead. Karen and I are really embracing this co founders experience, if you will, for making website magic. So Karen and I both being co founders, co conspirators, if you will, of this vision. And I think it’s season three, and forward looking for making website magic, I think is going to have so much more of our both of our brains. And I think that what you were mentioning before about us owning our individual hats is really exciting. Like making website magic is now its own business, its own entity owned by Karen and I and I am so excited about that. Because I know in the season one review, we were talking about like different roles and stuff. But truly, this feels so much more in alignment to be working with you like this. And I’m excited Karen like I’m really stoked about what we’re doing with making website magic and like what is possible moving forward from here, not only for the podcast, but just like the business and the brand at large and like what our mission really is, so I’m accepted. Yeah, okay, so

Karyn Paige 24:54
obviously I’m excited to like, like, we’re always in alignment about stuff like that, but I think it really speaks to this idea that we’ve mentioned on the podcast before of like, your business is allowed to grow and evolve and change and become something different than it was six months ago, a year ago, six weeks ago, whatever you want, right? And so, us being able to take the idea of making website magic, where it started a year ago, and now it’s in this place where it’s, it’s full own business. And you and I are like partners in it is just an example of like, thinking of what is possible, and then just saying, hey, let’s just do it, let’s just go for it. Or let’s just go for it with the idea of like, it just feels in alignment, like it feels like a logical progression, you know, so that’s really a reminder to anyone who’s listening, like your business can be whatever it wants to be, and it could look totally different than what it is right now. And that’s okay.

Sam Munoz 25:56
Yes, it’s okay. And it’s valid. And I think like, this is something that we talked about in the School of Business is that as long as you’re clear on your vision, it can change and evolve. And it’s just like, continuously gut checking and realigning as you go. And it’s okay that like the destination maybe shifts a little bit as you get clear on what it is that you want. And I think just being really kind to yourself, you know, in the sense of like, this is different. And like, I thought I had a different plan for the next three years, but like, this is what I’m doing now. And that’s like a perfect segue, because I have something that I want to share, too. So in conjunction with making website magic being its own business, I also have started a full time Community Manager for Developer Relations at WP Engine position, which is really, really exciting. As someone who has loved flywheel and WP Engine as like a hosting company for basically since I started my own freelance business, it’s weird and thrilling to be a part of them as a company. And obviously, like, there’s a huge mindset shift that’s happening within me where it’s like, it’s okay to have multiple streams of income, it’s okay to like, have a freelance business on the side. It’s okay to be a full time employee again, and all of this, you know, there’s a lot of shifts happening, which I think Karen and I were talking about this behind the scenes, it could be fun to like, do a deeper dive podcast into the shifting because I mean, both of us have just made a humongous shift. And so I think that, again, leaning into that idea that like it’s okay for things to change, and it’s okay for you to like, move into places that feel good for you. And as long as it feels good for you, and right, and what needs to happen, then it’s the right choice, and truly trusting your own decisions. Oh, I feel good. I’m excited. Yay.

Karyn Paige 27:47
Yes. First of all, like, congratulations on this new adventure for you. Right? Like, it’s exciting to see you on your journey and to follow along with you. And yes, I do agree that when we come back for season three, we need to have a conversation and do an episode about the myth that a solopreneur has to have like one business. And that’s it. And like, that’s the only thing you focus on. Because that’s not true. It’s not true. It’s not fair. So like, let’s put a pin in that because I am also really excited to talk about and again, like, you know, think back to two mentees who’ve been guests on the episode like stuff, David, she has a whole other Bed and Breakfast business in tandem with her web design business. And that’s okay. And like Kim Brock, is working like full time. And her goal is to transition into full time web design. Like she said it on the show, like 2020 to your web job. So this idea, like we’re all allowed to do that. It’s not necessarily about like, where the money comes from, or how the money comes. It’s just that it’s there. And also, they have to like, okay, see, see I’m already getting it’s okay, do is say it. But it’s it’s about this idea, because this actually kind of applies to me and like some things that I’ve been landing on. In, you know, the time that we’ve done season two as well, is if you are someone who has like a deep need or a deep desire or like a craving to fulfill a vision that you have, or like skills that you have, right, like who’s to say that you can’t do that? You can’t pursue that because you’re already pursuing something else. You know what I mean? So like for you, I see, with this new venture, WP Engine is like you are fulfilling a deep skill set that you have in all things like development strategy, and specifically WordPress. So it’s almost like, Hey, if you’re called to create this new opportunity and follow it, go for it. It doesn’t take away from the things that we’re doing it making website magic, it can totally enhance it and we’re fully like you’re a full human being who’s like, yeah, I got all this stuff going on. Like let’s normalize this idea that that’s okay. Absolutely. So I like that feels like so aligned for you. And then also, like, for me, the more like one on one, like coaching conversations that I’ve been having with the women in the program, right? Like, I’m like, oh, okay, so this is something that I would like to explore this feels very much in alignment. And so I’ve been on my journey, like doing some really deep intensive coaching mentorship to get more into the craft of like coaching and healing and dealing with the emotions of what it’s like to run a business, right? Because I’ve truly believed that we can give you all the strategies you want. But if there’s like emotional blocks, or like mindset blocks around the strategies, like he just won’t implement them. So you have to, like, heal all of this stuff, and work through all of this stuff in order to implement the strategies that it’s like, oh, well, that’s the how the questions always are, like, how do I do this? And I’m like, let’s back it up. Let’s back up. Okay. So I, so I’ve been on that journey. And then, you know, I’m just like, fully leaning into all things like woowoo, and like, personal everything. So I’m getting ready to embark on my own six month program of studying Human Design and understanding how who we are as people can really influence our decisions and how we move to the world and our purpose for being here and things like that. So I’m excited to embark on that for the rest of the year. And then also bring that into making website magic. If anybody cares gallery, like, I would love to just be like, Hey, okay, well, let’s talk about how the, like human design stuff can help you make these decisions in your business that feel really aligned. So again, it’s like, sometimes you don’t even know that that’s a thing that you want to pursue until you just like get started on a journey. And you’re like, kind of like, you just say, Okay, I’m here, whatever happens, I’m open to it. The ideas come in the science come in, I’m just gonna go. There’s an open road. What is that? Isn’t that a Sheryl Crow song? Dairy Day is a wine. That is very bad, right? Like, again, these are, these are kind of like, ideas. When we started season two’s beginning of the year, they may have been like, kind of in the back of the mind of like, Oh, that’s cute, like, Okay, I don’t know where that idea came from. And now here we are. And it’s like, really like an abundance of opportunities and a lot of excitement around it

Sam Munoz 32:30
totally. And I think what is so valuable about everything that you just said, is that obviously, amazing, personal and professional opportunities for us individually, but also what we can bring together to making website magic with again, just like that idea of like truly owning our own expertise, his interests and and how we can contribute most and best to the making website Magic community to the women in our program. And I feel like this is such a great time to mention what we’re doing with making website Magic School of Business and how we’re kind of shifting it. So we’ll keep this high level for now, because we’ll be talking about it much more in the free community in June. So again, if you’re not in there, great time to be in there. But we’re basically making creating, making website Magic School of Business into like a two track program, there’s going to be the more self paced if you will, membership style version. And then there is the more mentorship direct connection and one on one interactions with Karen and I. So depending on your desire to have someone like deep dive into your business with you, you can choose like the mentorship track, which involves one on one calls with Karen about mindset and healing things. One on One calls with me about strategy. And you know, just again, that more like direct interaction, or you can choose the more self paced group style, which involves still going through the exact same curriculum that everyone that has gone through our mentorship has gone through in conjunction with group coaching and q&a is coffee and co working all the things that we do in our program in general, but it’s more you know, you get to decide for yourself, do I want to go the more self paced community led version? Or do I want to go a little bit more direct interaction with Sam and Karen? So I love that we’re doing this because we’re giving so much opportunity to digest the amazing curriculum that we teach and dig deeper and answer more deep, meaningful, like I tried this thing, but I have a question questions. So excited about that. And then also just getting the chance to work with again, still our small intimate group and go even deeper one on one kind of individually and then as a team, so more details to come on that for sure. And, Karen, if you have anything else you want to say about what we’re doing there, please feel free to interject. But I’m so much looking forward to that and that should be coming, you know, around maybe sometime in June or so that’s that’s the goal.

Karyn Paige 34:58
Yeah, so You know, as you’re listening to this episode, I mean, it’s literally right around the corner, if you’re listening to it the week that it comes out, or even if you’re listening to it while we’re on break, it will be available around the time. But I think the thing that that I’m most excited about with our new offer is just like meeting people where they’re at, you know, like people have different means they’re looking for different things in their business. And so I feel like, this is a new way to have folks join them making website Magic School of Business, like on their own terms, you know,

Sam Munoz 35:30
yes, and just being more accessible and more available. And again, like, I think the biggest thing that we’ve learned in doing three cycles of the School of Business so far is just that live podcast is is really like your first taste of what we do in the curriculum. And so if you like the podcast, and you want support and implementing it, like truly, the making website, Magic School of Business is your obvious next step. And if you’re, you know, unsure, the free community is a great place to be.

Karyn Paige 35:59
So on that note, I would love to just, you know, give everybody like a summer listening list of our like, favorite episodes of season two, our most popular episodes again, like the ones that we feel, really kind of like stand out, as you know, if you do nothing else on our break, check out these episodes, or listen to them again and see if you find something new.

Sam Munoz 36:28
Absolutely. So these are not necessarily in any particular order, except for the fact that episode 38, permission based marketing for web designers. That one is truly such a key episode for anyone who feels like when they sell their services, or they’re talking to potential clients, they feel like icky about it. They they’re hesitant to going out and having conversations about their services because they don’t want to feel sleazy. They don’t want to feel like they’re, you know, salesy. I think we mentioned this in that episode that like, those are words that we see people using. So episode 38 is permission based marketing for web designers. And in that we cover so many things that really releases you and frees you from that feeling of I don’t want to like be pushy, and I don’t want to make someone say yes to me. And I’m like afraid to raise my prices. Because I don’t want to have that like tough conversation and try to hard sell someone in that episode. We’re really releasing you from all of those feelings by introducing permission based marketing.

Karyn Paige 37:25
Yeah, this is a great episode like episode 38. I could have used this episode when I first started my business because it really opened up my eyes into like this whole other way of marketing and having conversations with potential clients. So that’s definitely one of the episodes that we want you to take a listen to. We’ll drop everything in the show notes to for like easy access to all the episodes. The second pick on our list is Episode 41, which is the power of the Coming Soon page. This one is another one of my personal favorites. Because again, like I feel like a lot of us get stuck in like making our own websites. Perfect, right. And so this one I feel it was really gives folks a lot of options on like, Hey, you can do it another way, like go forth and just release yourself of the feeling stuck and making your website as perfect as possible. So you can just go out and do other things like connect with people and book clients and like start making that money. I liked

Sam Munoz 38:26
that one too, because it was very like strategy focused in the sense of like, here is a simple tactic that will release you you know, because again, as always become we come at it from the mindset and the strategy side the mindset definitely being like I’m feeling stuck. And then the strategy being like, hey, there’s actually a really simple solution. It’s just create like a more simple landing page for yourself and then go off and make money and stop worrying about your own website. I love that episode. I love talking about like one page or coming soon pages for honestly any business but specifically for web designers and developers. Great listen.

Karyn Paige 39:01
Yeah, definitely. Okay, so the next episode on our list is episode 34. Who do you need to become to charge four figures for a website? This was our top download of the season, y’all. And so I think it speaks to this idea of like, this is where listeners want to go, this is where web designers want to go. And I think it approaches it from a perspective of like, okay, well what are you in control of like, Who do you what is the identity of someone who charges that much and oh, by the way, he might already have some of those qualities so you can feel empowered to make that move make that jump?

Sam Munoz 39:39
Yeah, totally. I think that that’s that is the beauty of that episode is it’s like a desire like I want to make I want to be able to charge four figures for a website but that feels unattainable. And in that episode we truly dig in a lot of that being mindset side of like who do you need to be embodying like what kind of person do you need to be and I love that, that idea that like you would be like 75% of the way there, you might even be all the way there. Like, it might just take one simple, you know, tweak in the way that you’re thinking about your website or your business or the services that you offer to unlock the ability, quote, unquote, to charge for figure. So such a good episode. Love that one. The next one, episode 42. So this is number four on our list. How are you spending your workday as a web designer? I love this episode, because I love thinking, I feel like this is a question that I kept, I have continuously asked myself, you know, in conversations that we’ve been having with people, or just things that I see online, and frustrations that people have around, you know, not being able to find clients not being able to meet their financial goals not charging enough, etc. I’m just like, I’m genuinely curious, like, how are you spending your day? How are you spending your time? And it’s, I like that one, because it is a bit of a heart to heart, if you will, like let’s have a heart to heart, let’s talk about like, are you spending your time effectively, efficiently, and also for things that actually matter? Like revenue generating tasks, things that are actually going to help you make money versus that kind of busy work? I really, really think that episode is a good one to listen to.

Karyn Paige 41:10
Yeah, like one of the themes on our podcast is really like being able to reflect, look at the data and then understand how that data can help you make decisions, right? So when you have like, the data of like, okay, well, like audits of how you’re spending your time or tasks that you’re doing that can help you decide like, where you could be going or what you could be doing and things like that, but you don’t really know until you like, reflect and look back. So this was another episode where I’m like, it’s very strategy centered. And also, it’s like, once, you know, you can shift into like, where you want to go. Absolutely. So next up on our list is episode 50. boundaries and expectations for web designers and developers. And y’all. Okay, so this, this one you’re listening to right now is episode 52. So I know that episode, like just came out. But it truly is like one of our favorite episodes that we’ve ever done in it feels like it is Cornerstone material for making website magic, because the concept of like boundaries and expectations, and how they show up in our businesses all over the place, is so top of mind, for the women in our program, the women in our community, like the conversations we’ve had, this comes up so much. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please listen to it. If you’ve listened to it once, please go back and listen to it again. Because the idea of like, understanding and embracing boundaries, knowing that they’re really about you, and about, like monitoring your own behavior and knowing how far you want to go. And then being able to communicate that clear through expectations, like this will completely change the way you do business.

Sam Munoz 42:57
Seriously, it is the root of everything that we talked about on the making website magic podcast in our program. And just like in terms of like running that aligned business is truly knowing what your boundaries are and how to communicate that. And that is such a good episode to listen to. And then there’s a couple that kind of go along with it. There’s one about people pleasing and one about, like your clients urgency not being your emergency. So if you like want to explore boundaries and expectations with like more specific use cases, those are really good episodes to listen to, too. And again, those one just came out, but who knows, you might be a little behind, you might want to re listen to them. There you go. And last but not least, in our six most popular favorite episodes, this whole list for going and catching up this summer is actually Episode 14, which is from season one. But it stopped offering everything as a web designer, this one is our top download by far. And you know what I think it makes sense because I think that this episode releases you from feeling like you have to learn new things, it releases from feeling like you are unskilled in a certain area. And so like therefore whatever you offer is could not be priced higher. And just like hey, by the way, you are actually allowed to just like be good at WordPress development, for example, or you’re allowed to like just want to do logos. And that’s okay. And I love that episode.

Karyn Paige 44:16
The thing that I love about that episode is it reminds us that like who do we need to hear the permission from? to stop doing something that we don’t want to do? Yeah. Is it from Sam and Karen? Do we need to give our listeners permission? And then it’s like, okay, thank you, or is it like, Hey, you came in, give yourself permission to stop doing things you don’t want to do or the don’t feel good? It doesn’t surprise me that that’s like our top download of all time because I feel like that is very liberating information for folks to hear.

Sam Munoz 44:43
It really is. And with that this has been our season two and review. So we looked back at the past. We looked forward to the future. We gave you your awesome list of six episodes to listen to and now your primary CTA here is go Whoa, check out the free community. If you’re not in there already. Talk to us. We can have conversations about the podcast episodes. We’ll probably list these you know, the summer, the summer listening list, we’ll probably list that over there in the free community so you can see it and have easy access. And yeah, have a great summer. Have a great time. You know, doing whatever you’re doing. Live in life, running an online business, do the things that feel right for you. And thank you so much for listening to this last season of making website magic.

Karyn Paige 45:31
Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We appreciate you. And yeah, our hearts are full of gratitude for you. So thank you

A Season of New Beginnings

A Season of New Beginnings

Today Sam & Karyn make the bittersweet announcement to end the podcast as they step into a new season of life and business. They share what is to come for them, how you can stay connected to the Making Website Community and encourage you to be open to new opportunities, too.

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