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episode 47

What’s Possible When You Start Taking Your Business Seriously with Ayodele Odefunsho

Today Sam & Karyn are joined by guest Ayodele Odefunsho to discuss how the Making Website Magic School of Business helped her see the value in her services and embody being a business owner.

Episode 47: What's Possible When You Start Taking Your Business Seriously with Ayodele Odefunsho

Show Notes:

How Ayodele’s web development business aligns with her dreams of becoming a digital nomad.
How Ayodele is a part of the burgeoning online business movement in Nigeria, where entrepreneurship is the norm but is still expanding to the online space.
Having confidence in knowing who your dream clients are and what your dream projects look like.
Ayodele’s process of taking her business from chaotic, lacking systems and processes to structured, intentional, and successful.
The mindset shifts that will take you from thinking ‘how dare I charge more,’ to ‘how dare I NOT charge more.’

Episode Transcript:

Karyn Paige, Ayodele Odefunsho, Sam Munoz

Ayodele Odefunsho 00:00
I’ve been saying that my services are not just transactional, they are transformational because it gets you to think about your business it gets, think about where you are, where you want to be and how you want to be positioned, how you want to be seen, and all of those things.

Sam Munoz 00:22
Welcome to Making website magic where we empower women to step boldly into their web design businesses follow their intuition and claim the success they’re worthy of. I’m Sam Munoz.

Karyn Paige 00:32
And I’m Karen Page, where the Tech Wizards behind Sam Munoz consulting on the making website Magic School of Business. Were two women here to talk about what it actually takes to run a web design business that’s aligned with your vision.

Sam Munoz 00:45
Spoiler alert, it probably isn’t what you think it is ready to hear about everything from refining your business vision, networking with intention and creating a magical client experience. Let’s do it. Well, Hello, ladies. Hey, Karen. Hi. I Odelay. Yes, and that’s right. You heard it correctly. It’s more than just Karen and I today we have one of our amazing mentees. I Odelay. She’s wonderful. I cannot wait to get into this conversation, chat with her chat, you know, to begin, get to know her as a human, get to know her as the professional and then also hear her journey and story through the mentorship. And I’m just so delighted and excited to get the chance to highlight you and your work and just everything. So thank you so much for being here. And hello, welcome.

Ayodele Odefunsho 01:39
Thank you for having me. Salman Khan. I’m so excited to be here. Oh, yeah,

Karyn Paige 01:45
yeah, yes. Okay, so as La Jolla talk about business stuff, and all that we really want to get to know you as a human being. So this is your time to introduce yourself and maybe tell us a little bit of your backstory, who you are, where you’re from, wherever you like to share.

Ayodele Odefunsho 02:04
Hello, everybody. My name is Aya daily. I am a WordPress web developer. I started business sometime in 2019, I guess. Well, I’m from Nigeria. I am currently living in Nigeria. I’m an expert in digital nomad. So hopefully to travel the world soon.

Karyn Paige 02:30
Yes, shout out to Nigeria. We are so grateful to have listeners all over the world.

Sam Munoz 02:36
So cool. Can I like pop in? Right, right away with a question. So you said you’re an aspiring digital nomad. I would love to know more about this. And because I remember talking to you about this way back when and you mentioning that like desire to have, you know, whatever that means. So can you take some time and tell us about that dream of yours?

Ayodele Odefunsho 02:57
Sure. So I have mostly only been in Nigeria, I’ve traveled a few times, but as to return back to work. Nine to five, right? But with being a web developer, like right now, my work is very flexible. And I’m like, What’s that joy is there? If I have the opportunity to travel and work at the same time? I’m not losing sleep? Or I’m not returning back to working retire? Or why not take that opportunity? So yes, I’m not very adventurous, I must confess. But I look forward to at least attempting to travel a few times and still be able to work and not be pressured with returning back to somewhere because of these and just explore and be happy. You know, enjoy life.

Sam Munoz 03:48
Yeah, that’s so great. Thank you so much for sharing that it is so fun, like the motivations and reasons that we start businesses in the first place. I think it’s so wonderful to hear.

Karyn Paige 04:00
And can I ask you one more question about traveling? Where would you like to go to have a list?

Ayodele Odefunsho 04:06
I wanted to go to Bulgaria. For the longest to weird, I don’t know how, but somehow. I was like 2021 or 2020. I can’t remember I said check it out Bulgaria, their culture, just Googling stuff. And somehow I just don’t boot into someone on Instagram, who is from Bulgaria. She has been telling me all about but they have like, Oh, I really wanted to come to your country with everyone. I couldn’t so I feel like I’m I still go to Bulgaria, just to experience something different. Totally.

Karyn Paige 04:44
Yes, yes, Bulgaria. Come on Bulgaria. That’s fascinating.

Sam Munoz 04:49
I think what’s really cool and this is something that we’ve talked about on the podcast, just a ton is like really honoring what your dreams are. And like what it is that you want. I mean, you know, ideally, we Talking about this in the mentorship, like what is it that you want for your business? What is it that you want for your life? And how can your business actually kind of help you get there through opportunities through location independence through time independence? And it’s just so fun to hear? Why a we start the business? And then why? What are the external motivations beyond just like making more money, it’s like, I want to be able to travel, I want to be able to like not have to come back and focus on a job, you know, go immediately back to work. So that’s awesome. Yes, it says, it is leading me to another question. Which is, why like web development are and design like, what is it about this space that you enjoy so much, versus just some other kind of like, remote job? I don’t know if that’s anything that you’ve thought about before. But I’m curious, like, what is what’s the reason for this?

Ayodele Odefunsho 05:47
So backstory, my cousin, kind of like influenced me into tech, generally. But I started out programming like core programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, react, and all of the X. I learned all of that we’re still learning. We’re scared, start applying for jobs, because I’m like, Am I good enough? Am I not good enough? And then my friend just says, Oh, please, could you just view this website for me? And I’m like, sure. She paid me although Oh, this fantastic. And next thing, I have beauty, more websites, really more websites, and then the joy of like having to bring somebody’s dream to reality like to live. He was just fantastic for me. And I like, I think I’m just going to stay here. And no, go back to core programming. So yes, the fact that I can, like help somebody bring their dreams or their business to the world, is one of the biggest things for me and creating something from start to finish something really beautiful, because oh, boy, I’m really good. Oh, my God, guys. So yes,

Karyn Paige 07:06
I feel like Sam and I are on the same wavelength that how we want to respond to what you just said. And when I reflect back, what I heard is like you started this, because you had tech skills, but didn’t feel good enough to be in big tech spaces. And through something that felt more comfortable and safe for you found joy in what you do. And then we’re able to confidently say, I’m really good at what I do.

Sam Munoz 07:30
Which is like huge. Spending a minute there, like, that’s pretty big.

Ayodele Odefunsho 07:34
It is because I don’t think I even want to go back to programming. Like just few minutes before this. I was having a chat with my old friend who was like, reminding me about my programming life. And I’m like, I’m not going back.

Sam Munoz 07:50
What was it about that like, that kind of job or like lifestyle that is different than what you’re doing now. And you like more this stuff?

Ayodele Odefunsho 07:59
I cannot go by emphasize the fact that I have my time. And I feel like an adult’s. And I’m not being like, Oh, you have to resume year at this time, or you have to do this. I mean, all of that is good advice about where I’m coming from. It just felt like a great relief like that you’re able to control your day, control your time determine how you want to go determine the level of growth, because that was something that bothered me about my old job, because I wasn’t seeing so much birth, like when am I going to get promoted isn’t five years in 10 years, when I might even start earning this certain amount of money. And everything was determined by somebody else, I had to do something, I had to do something to please somebody. So this just gives me like, all the joys in different compartments that I needed.

Sam Munoz 08:55
That is wonderful. And it like it gives you that full ownership of your like destiny and all of the things that you want, and not having that income cap and stuff. That’s amazing. It’s beautiful. Honestly,

Karyn Paige 09:10
I know, I’m like kind of getting teary eyed like real talk.

Sam Munoz 09:15
I would love to if you’re open to this, like just having a conversation, in the same vein, about like being a business owner, where you live. Because I know like, you know, Karen and I both live in America. So we have an American perspective on business owning and so if there’s any like light that you could shed, I’m trying to think of like a more specific question. And Karen, like, feel free to jump in if you have one. But I’m just curious, like, what is it like owning a business in Nigeria and like doing business online? And if there’s anything that you’d like to say about that, I think that’d be kind of a cool conversation.

Ayodele Odefunsho 09:46
So do business in Nigeria. Being a business owner in Nigeria, it’s our generalize because it’s sort of like expected or it’s like the norm. There’s a huge percentage Just people who are like nine to fivers. And there are also like a good number of young folks who, like business owners as well. But then being an online business owner is something that’s not very, it’s not as common as like being a regular business owner, like, oh, I sell the so I made this and all of that. It’s something that, like people were now like, evolving around in Nigeria, like a lot of people are now coming to the online space. A lot of people are now freelancing, a lot of people are not like looking for remote jobs. Seems like the new cool thing that is happening. Yeah, I don’t know if that answers the question.

Sam Munoz 10:41
Yeah, totally. That’s really, really interesting insight. And it’s great, because you’re like, I mean, you get to kind of spearhead that movement into online business. Right? And so it kind of is leading me to another question to where it’s like, how do you then find community with people that are running online businesses? Like, have you used social media to connect with other business owners? Or you know how? Because obviously, you learned something. So you learned some skills in order to like, get those clients and have your website up? And all of those things? So like, how have you built community,

Ayodele Odefunsho 11:12
but the longest time, I think, most of the community that I’ve had, or that I still have, like, my like, circle, I have not deliberately gone out of my way to like, gets community, that sense of community from somewhere else. I’ve done that like a few times. But I can say that, Oh, from work, from church, from a friend’s friend or something like that, when I think like after the program, after the program that we just concluded, I think I’m going out of my way now, like being more open minded, and looking out to people, I can reach out to that, okay, this person is a potential collaborator, this person does something similar. So I found myself having chats with people give me like, give my local environment like, oh, we vibe, we do the same thing, you know, we’ll do something similar, you can be useful, I can be useful to you. I’m getting better in that aspects. Online. I am definitely like reaching out to people as well, like people outside of my locality. So that’s, like, amazing, for me as well. Yes.

Karyn Paige 12:26
Okay, as always, so keeping all of that in mind now that you are really opening up and talking to more people about what you do. And like, you know, making networking connections and things like that. Can we talk a little bit about your business specifically, like, what would you say is your identity statement, if you’re meeting someone, and you’re introducing yourself in a professional context,

Ayodele Odefunsho 12:51
very simple. I, a web developer, and I help service based businesses, build amazing websites to help them succeed more their business, I love to work with coaches, personal brands, and creatives, anybody in that space? I just love to help them like, amplify what they already do, like service based businesses. So that’s something that I’ve been working with. And after the program, I was able to even fine tune it even more. And yes, the joy of riding on that. It gives me like, superpowers like I know what I’m doing. I know who I’m talking to. I know who I’m reaching out to service based businesses. Cochise personnel brands, thought leaders and somebody was a voice and media company fight. Yes.

Sam Munoz 13:51
That’s so you know, you just said it with such like, confidence. And like, I know that the listeners can’t see you, but you’re just like smiling ear to ear and you’re just like, you know, that body language confidence. And that’s so cool to see. And to hear. And yeah, I love that phrase that you use, like they have a voice and I want to help amplify it like that’s so cool. And what you’re doing absolutely achieves that mission. So that’s, that’s amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

Karyn Paige 14:18
Yeah, I love that. It just felt so easy and effortless for you to say that. It’s so like authentic like I felt like if I have met you for the first time and I asked Allah daily, what do you do is your business about like, I get exactly where you’re coming from just off of that one statement.

Sam Munoz 14:36
So kind of digging deeper into that so now we know who you like to work with. I would love to know what kinds of projects like really light you up like what are like the dreamiest projects because we love like spending some time dreaming on this podcast. Because obviously like we get a lot of opportunities and sometimes we say yes, sometimes we say no whatever. But like if like the perfect person came to you and they had the perfect project, what would that look like

Ayodele Odefunsho 15:03
a perfect project would mean someone who already has something that they offer. Someone who knows what they’re doing, you don’t have to be perfect, obviously, nobody’s perfect. But so it was something that he asked for, and they know who they’re sent to. But you just need help positioning yourself to be more authentic, to be more professional, to have to build that authority. Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for, to build that authority, because you can be in business, know what you’re doing, no you’re sent to and you’re not really attracting the people that you’re sent to, because of the way you’re positioned, or because of the way your business is currently running. So that’s where I come in, I would build a website for you. So that would be a dreamy project, somebody who knows what they what they want, what they’re doing, and knows with the with their sensor, so we know your audience, we have your voice and we amplify it build a website that attracts the kind of people that your sense, we not just a beautiful website, a functional website, a professional website. That’s good. I like the things that you’re supposed to say to people because in a glance, people look at you they judge you based on your website and I Anna, I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. Because why the website like this or not, I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t even have a website. She’s not legit. So yes, Jimmy project to be somebody was all of that, even though you don’t have a look at but like, even though you don’t have it, like fleshed out what you have an idea of. So walk through the process together, start with the perfect voice, the perfect messaging, copywriting, the images, aesthetics, everything. Yeah. So a coach, a personal brand, a thought leader, and people in that space, usually already know what they’re doing. Like, for example, your coach already knows that this is the service I’m offering. He told me already is leading a community of people. Right, they already have their voice, they already have their messaging, and we’re just amplifying it building a professional websites just get you more opportunity make you more visible to people.

Karyn Paige 17:28
Yeah. Oh, and then kind of more like a logistical like, question would be like, what platform do you build on? Etc? Like, do you have favorite software, platform tools, etc?

Ayodele Odefunsho 17:40
Yes, I built on like, a couple content management platforms. What my best so far would be WordPress. And I love using Elementor. Pro. So WordPress is my jam. I think you say that? Yeah. use that word. So yes, I’m still in its WordPress is my jam.

Sam Munoz 18:02
So something that you were talking about, as you were like describing that dreamy project was professional, and you were talking about like, they know their business, they’ve got their business back end all set up, they have their voice? And I’m curious if I don’t want to like segue all the way into the mentorship yet. But I have a question that’s going to kind of connect us into that a little bit is, do you think that you going through the process of understanding your own voice more and who you want to work with and like, all of the things that you did internally for your business through the mentorship also kind of helps you connect with your ideal client a little bit more, too, because you’re like, I know all this stuff. And this is how helpful it is for my business. So like, it can also be helpful for yours.

Ayodele Odefunsho 18:42
Yes, definitely. So I recently had a client who were looking through his branding questionnaire, and some of the questions that he had to answer, it was cool. Well, I really have to think about this aspect of my business, like, you know, the process of having a transformation now, service rendered to you not just transactional. We’re not just like, oh, let’s just build your website. We want to know some certain things about your business and then bring that like, to light so that other people can see it. I was so excited when he said that because I’m like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, this is what I learned to do. I was honestly so excited because he just, you know, like, fleshed out the fact that I’ve been saying that my services are not just transactional, they are transformational, because it gets you to think about your business. It gets you to think about where you are, where you want to be and how you want to be positioned, how you want to be seen and all of those things. So yes,

Sam Munoz 19:51
yes, I mean, that’s like I could I’m like clapping snapping all the things because one of the all the stuff that you’re talking about to it is what like unlocks those elevated price points also, right? Because it’s like the work that you’re doing is not just building a website, it’s helping them identify all those things, like you said, the imagery, the aesthetic, and like pulling it all together and using your expertise, all of your like back end skills, and all of that, and your experience, to build something that is going to help their business not just be like a pretty face, that’s so wonderful. And I know that that kind of stuff has helped you not only feel confident raising your prices, but find success in doing that. Anyone who’s listening to this and is in a place of like maybe undercharging or like they’re like, how do I get to that next level of package for my business? It really like listened to what I Odelay saying about all those other pieces outside of like, what website, just the extra stuff that you’re including and doing for your client that helps them have a full experience and not just a website at the end. But like they just went through like a whole thing with you. Yeah, thank you for sharing that.

Karyn Paige 21:00
Can we dig a little bit deeper into your experience in the mentorship, kind of like where you were before you joined the mentorship, what it was like in and now like having completed the program? Like what you’re looking for? Can we pivot into that?

Sam Munoz 21:15
Sure. So I think it would be fun to have you kind of paint the picture of your business before you joined the mentorship. So what was it like, you know, finding clients, maybe what were some of the things that you were like, Oh, this is what I want for my business. But I just can’t quite get there. Like what did what did your business look like before you met us listen to the podcast and enjoying the mentorship.

Ayodele Odefunsho 21:37
Honestly, I wouldn’t even know how to like perfectly describe it. It was like chaotic, not in a bad way. But I didn’t quite figure out what I was doing, what I needed to do, how to do it when it gets to where I wanted to go. So I was just moving along. I was just moving along, like just building the websites as because without any plan. Any structure was just kidding. Let’s just leave it at that. So we don’t. It was just getting. And then I think I already shared with you how I found the podcast, and then I listened to it. It’s really good. Oh, this is really good. I did I was Bayesian listening to episode after episode. And I’m like, oh my goodness, I have never actually done a coaching program like this before. So this is my first and it was like a huge leap for me. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I’m so proud of myself that I took that step. And I invested in myself because like everything is like transformed. I like structure, right? So my business did not have structure and I was confused about what to do. I was already like, looking at a coaching program. While the coaching program was not specific. It was just for all businesses. What I love most about these coaching program was the fact that it was specific to web developers. Like it’s a no brainer, like someone who has been where I am, and is trying to take me to where I need to be like, why wouldn’t I follow the person, this was what I needed. And he just came on to write a program has helped me like structure, my business, my mindset has changed about what I’m doing. Because I know that we’re not just building websites or just accepting any project as a calm, you know, it’s like you’re looking for something but you don’t even know what you’re looking for. So you’re just searching everywhere you’re just searching everywhere accepting every project. But now you know what you’re looking for you know that you’re going to get that thing from that place. So you know that this is where you’re going to you’re like that gets in your way to that place. So that’s how it is like, for me I have much more clarity about my business. I’m loving it I am enjoying the ownership and the responsibility that I’m that I’m taking now. Like get my business to the next level. So it’s like transformation now. Mindset wise, pockets waves, business way to position in waves everything waves after.

Sam Munoz 24:27
Wow. Well, first of all, thank you for letting us come along with you on that journey. Because it has been so fun to watch it happen. And something that I want to reflect back and like spend some time talking about is a big through line that I’m hearing is like before joining the mentorship it was kind of like this is the best analogy that I have and I use it all the time for when I’m feeling this way. It’s kind of like just like a jellyfish just kind of floating along like just doing the thing without like any clear direction necessarily and then you know, join You spent time figuring out what you wanted for your business and for your life and all that stuff. And then now you feel like you have a path forward to get there. Because it is really hard to achieve a goal when you don’t actually even know like, you’ve never even defined the goal. You we don’t even know what what it is that we want. Exactly, yeah. And you can kind of feel like you’re spinning your wheels, like you’re stuck in mud and your wheels are just spinning over and over again, you’re like, I’m pushing, I’m trying, but like, I’m not getting anywhere. So that’s, that’s really great to hear.

Karyn Paige 25:31
Yeah, can we talk a little bit too about the mindset that you came into the program with and how that shifted. Because, you know, when you use the word chaotic, I’m thinking more of like the systems or processes, the back end, maybe a little bit of the marketing of like, how you’re finding clients, etc. But I want to talk a little bit more about like, what you believed was true for your business, before you join the mentorship. And then what you believe is true for your business. Now,

Ayodele Odefunsho 26:04
before the mentorship, I didn’t have a business that was just moving along. What I was there was no business definitely does. I don’t know the words right now, what that was definitely not a business, I was just moving along, taking on any projects, looking for any projects. Were now like, I have more clarity, I know the value that I’m bringing, though before now I knew that I was good, I have good, I’m helping you to some people, I didn’t see from a standpoint of oh, this is the value that I’ve given you for your own business. Because I didn’t even see myself as a business, you know, so I didn’t see my value. So there was no way I could interpret it to you. What now, I know my value, I know what I’m doing for you. I know what I’m helping you with, and what I’m partnering with you to achieve in your business. And I think that has like changed a whole lot for me, like not accepting any projects, no one else even approach people. And even the mindsets of like the work that I’m doing. Like even in the process of the work. Like, I’m not just building a website, this is a transformational journey for somebody in their business.

Sam Munoz 27:28
Before joining us in the mentorship, were you pricing your work at a rate that felt in alignment with all of that? A better way to say that is were you under charging before you join the mentorship? And is that something that you’re still doing? And yeah, I could just because that’s a that’s a common thing that comes up for a lot of people is when they join us or they listen to the podcast is they realize like, oh, they almost don’t even know that it’s possible to charge more in the first place.

Ayodele Odefunsho 27:54
So you might kiss, I kind of knew that it was possible to charge more, but I’m like how? Like, how dare I charge more? For what I’m doing?

Sam Munoz 28:06
What do you say? How dare I? Yes, well,

Ayodele Odefunsho 28:09
I just felt like it was just for some setting people or you need that to like, break your edge in school and have 17 legs before you could charge. That kind of amounts. I mean, before the mentorship program, I really reached out to like somebody who I love their work. She’s Nigerian. And I was just following her work, like learning from just watching what she does. And she was not charging anywhere near what I was charging. Of course, she’s like, way, way higher than me in like years of experience and even like expertise. So I just felt like she was for people, for some set of people. So I was just I was not like you have to walk 17 years before you kind of charge that. Um, well. So yes.

Sam Munoz 29:03
And do you still feel like that? No. I mean, I knew that was like a leading question. But like

Karyn Paige 29:10
that was for our listeners. Yeah. Why do you no longer feel that way?

Ayodele Odefunsho 29:16
Value? I think that’s like the one single important thing I know the value that I’m bringing to your business like D on quantifiable ROI that you’re getting after I’m done with your business. I mean, I place premium on what I’m doing. So

Karyn Paige 29:37
I’m gonna come on I like flip this idea into more of like the way we think about our clients too, right? Because what I’m hearing you say is you’re really really clear and confident that the work that you do is valuable and is going to deliver the transformation to your clients. Right. But then there’s actually talking to the client who Oh, also says yes, I believe that your work is valuable and is going to give me the transformation. So did you believe that there were actually clients out there who would pay you at your new, higher price point?

Ayodele Odefunsho 30:14
I knew that definitely. They were friends, but I didn’t know that they would pay me specifically, at that new price point, I was already login, I had conversation with one of my friends, like my best friend about raising my prices, and she was walking me through the process. But I was like, okay, yeah, what? I’m like, Okay, how do we get there? I had no idea. Right? So until after the program, I had like, different mindsets, literally walked through the process of getting there. So before now, I didn’t believe that anyone to pay me that’s setting amount or like, at my new price points. I just felt like nobody’s gonna see it.

Sam Munoz 31:05
What do you think, like changed in terms of your mindset about like about yourself, like, it’s specifically about you? If before you believe those people existed, but for whatever reason, they wouldn’t pay you. But now, you know, they exist. And you know that, that you are valuable enough to be paid that much? What do you think changed in your mindset about you,

Ayodele Odefunsho 31:25
the fact that I was able to, through the help of the program, I was able to see the value, and believe that what I was doing was actually valuable and was worth anything that contains, right. And then I shifted my mind from looking at the wrong set of people. Because if I have an eight new clients, why do clients can actually afford what I’m charging? And if I’m looking at the right places, I will see the right people. And if I go with the right approach, go with the right mindset, everything just gels. But if I have the wrong mindset, I’ve been to the right place, I’m still going to give the wrong results. What the right mindset, the right place, the right people. Right. So that was

Sam Munoz 32:13
great. You’re just like so perfectly said that, right? Like, if you don’t have the right mindset, you could be in a room with 1000 ideal clients, and it is not going to work out because you have to believe that you are valuable that your work is worth it that you can deliver that those people need you. You specifically that is like listeners listen to like, take that write that down. Like, I need to be in a place myself where I believe that my ideal client can hire me. And also I love that you specify like, your ideal client is a person that values the work and can afford to work with you like that is a piece of your ideal client. Yes, yes. Yes. Like you don’t have to say yeah, you don’t have to say yes to everyone, like you as the business over owner service provider, you get to be specific. Wow.

Karyn Paige 33:07
And I also want to just honor and point out idly that not only do you believe that your ideal client is out there, and that they will pay you because they realize your value. And not only do you also believe in the value of the work that you do, right, so those things are in alignment. It’s actually coming. True. It’s happening for you.

Ayodele Odefunsho 33:25
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, it’s in us.

Sam Munoz 33:30
Which is awesome. If you want to talk about that we can and like just the fact that knowing that believing that believing those people are out there, knowing your value, and then going out and actually selling it and having it be successful and making a sale. Do you feel like that helps build the confidence to because you’re like, if I did it once? I could do it 100 more times?

Ayodele Odefunsho 33:49
Yes. Yes. That’s be like, my thoughts were like, so these now, because my client is like, coming through we’re working during the work in the process. And I’m like, this is actually happening. Oh my god, like, you know, when you realize that you’ve been sleeping when you also have been awake, you’re like, Oh my goodness. So yes, is like amazing, because I’m like this is actually happening, I can actually do this and this is just a starting point. Because if I limit myself to this, then this is the best way to get what I’m already see like so much more possibility of like, tickets, tickets, whether taking it further. So yes. Mind blowing.

Sam Munoz 34:37
That is awesome. So fun to hear. So I’d like to start to wrap up our conversation a little bit. And something that I would love to ask you is what is next for you, especially with what you just said about like, this is just the starting point. Where do you want to be in the next you pick the timeframe six months, a year, five years, whatever like where Where do you see your business going and growing from here?

Ayodele Odefunsho 35:03
In six months time in one year time? I literally want to be like you, honey, that’s Is this the right illustration? But these just things just naturally attract money? Yeah, yes, basically, yes. Yes. Like my clients will just naturally come because I know that I’m putting the work doing all the foundational stuff. And I’m building on it. So I am so confident that everything is going to flush out like in next six months in next one year would be so unbelievable, because of like the quality of work that I have put in, like through the program. next six months, next one year, I’m just naturally attracting my clients, my ideal client and raising my price. Okay.

Sam Munoz 36:01
Raise it again, oh, that’s so great. And the thing is, like, the fact that you have that confidence, I think is what is going to make that happen for you. Right, you’re like, it’s kind of just a, that’s where we’re going. Right, you’re like we got the plan, the plan is to just become that bees to honey, like we’re creating just consistent client flow, and it’s going to happen, that inner trust of like it is going to happen, it’s going to help propel you. Because then when things get hard, you’re like, in the back of your mind you’re like, but remember, this is just like this one little blip. And we’re moving in a direction that we want for the business. That’s wonderful.

Karyn Paige 36:39
And one thing, you know, hopefully, I invite you to take with you, as you are moving in that direction with a very clear focus is also like reminding yourself of where you’ve been, right? And having that evidence to reinforce the confidence, right? Like you have been in a place where you said, Okay, I’m gonna raise my prices, it feels a little scary. And then you successfully raise your prices because a client said, Yeah, okay, you that, sure, let’s let’s work together. And boom, easy. Effortless, it happened. And so the next time you’re ready to climb another step, go to the next level, you say, Well, I’ve already done it this way. So I know that I can do it again. Yeah.

Sam Munoz 37:26
Right. So to wrap everything up for today, you know, obviously the listeners of this podcast are fellow web designers and developers, some copywriters and branding people listen to the podcast. And so I think it would be awesome if you know if you want to connect with some of these people that listen to the podcasts and hang out with them and collaborate with them get to know them, because you know, we love expanding that referral network with industry collaborators, right? So ideally, would you like to share where people can connect with you where they can find you so that they can get to know you more? Deeply?

Ayodele Odefunsho 38:00
Yes, yes, yes. I would love to connect with amazing people, web developers, and like you’ve mentioned and people in the industry, my websites, the, th e, White woody L E, my Instagram I do is a Y O dot d dot L E, or you can just check making website magic. Do you probably see my post? My like my comments. I’m stalking them, basically.

Sam Munoz 38:28
That’s awesome.

Karyn Paige 38:29
No worries. We’ll put all your information in the show notes to this episode, so everybody can find you easily. But yeah, you can probably find a deli through her likes and hearts and comments on our Instagram stuff, for sure. And

Sam Munoz 38:42
also, you’re in the free community too, aren’t

Ayodele Odefunsho 38:44
you? Yes, I

Sam Munoz 38:46
am. Okay, cool. Yeah. So the free community for making website magic that’s making website And I was always in there hanging out. There is nothing more I love to see then the women in the community like joining forces working on projects together, just networking, collaborating. It’s so great. Like there’s enough pie for everyone. Sure, yeah. Well, thank you so much for sharing your experience and sharing more about you talking about your business talking about the mentor ship, you have been such a lovely person to work with these past six months, and I know all of those things that you want for your business are going to happen. You’re going to create them it is not even a question in my mind.

Ayodele Odefunsho 39:29
Thank you so much for having me. Thank you for walking me through this process. I mean, you know, I’ve said this, like over and over again, where like, God says to me at that time, like was one of my vision or one of my goals for the year at the time last year, and it just came like on my lap. I was so excited. I am still so excited. I am like very grateful for the experience for the knowledge share for the community that she builds the Friendship and everything Thank you very much Carrie that sounds good

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