Divi Video Module: How to Embed from Youtube & Vimeo

Divi is one of the best page-building themes out there – and we love the video module provided with Divi! It is so easy to embed a video from Youtube & Vimeo (spoiler alert: you don’t even need to copy any code, just the video URL).

In this post, I’ll walk you through how easy it is to add a video to a Divi website using the video module.

We know everyone learns differently – if you prefer video, please watch the video tutorial below! If you’re more of a step-by-step person, we’ve written out the steps under the video.

Watch the Tutorial:

Divi Video Module: How to Embed From Youtube & Vimeo – Step by Step:

  1. Upload the video to Vimeo or Youtube
  2. Grab the share url for the video
  3. In Divi, go to the page you want to add a video to, create a row to hold your module
  4. Search for video module
  5. Click gear icon to open settings
  6. Click gear icon to update video setting
  7. Select insert from url
  8. Insert url from video you want to add to your site (either from Vimeo or Youtube)
  9. Add url to section, click insert into post
  10. Save draft or publish page

UPDATE 2021: Vimeo does not always track analytics in the same way for these embedded videos. You can also use the embed code from Vimeo in a code module.

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Sam Munoz

Sam is the CEO and lead web developer of Sam Munoz Consulting, LLC. Through years of coding, development & design experience - she is all about simplicity, minimalism & making websites that align with her client's business models & goals.

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